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Carrot Ranch is a dynamic literary community online for those practicing craft, reading stories and discussing process. Charli Mills is the lead buckaroo and she hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge, which is like a jam session for writers.

The core of this literary community is the Congress of Rough Writers, who challenge themselves to explore creativity, craft and voice. Equally important are the Friends who read, comment and offer encouragement.

The Ranch is home to Charli Mills, a seasoned writer and former marketer. Living in a rural area, she supports emerging rural voices and believes in “words for people.” Charli also contracts as a writer for business communications and is a contributing author to Go Idaho, a magazine about Idahoans for Idahoans and the Idaho-curious.

Pour a cup of cowboy-coffee and wander about the Ranch. Read our Flash Fiction, discover new reads in the Bunkhouse Bookstore, check out Events and meet the Rough Writers from around the world.

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A buckaroo called Charli once decided between saddle and pen. She chased an ink trail across the Rockies to the city-slicker lights of Minneapolis. She signed on to an outfit writing roughshod over marketing communications, wielding their brand.

That’s where she discovered carrots — the food movement that believes in accessibility for people. Food for people matters. The kind of horse a buckaroo rides matters. And words matter, too.

“With lots of junk food on the market, people deserve access to fresh carrots and words.” ~just a thought from a buckaroo

One day, the ink trail turned west, toward stories and sunsets. Charli found a place to settle her pen and she called it Carrot Ranch. Other word wranglers joined the show. That’s the legend, and Charli is sticking to it. Rumors that Charli Mills is a country-western singer can easily be dispelled — just ask her to sing.

Carrot Ranch provides words for people: stories to read, encouragement to practice craft and a commitment to creating community through literature. That’s something we can all raise a carrot to.

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