Carrot Ranch Flash FictionIn northern Idaho, rain is falling on packed snow. It is a good day to hunker over the keyboard with a mug of hot Yuban coffee. But no matter your weather or drinking preference, I hope you have stopped by Carrot Ranch to pick up a prompt.

Today, March 5, 2014 is the debut of the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction challenge. Every Wednesday by noon (Pacific Standard Time) a new prompt will be released for the weekly challenge. You have until the next prompt to list your link in the comments with a “howdy-do” to introduce yourself, your blog and what you are writing.  

If you do not have a blog or shared writing platform to post your response, you may post your flash fiction in the comments of this blog post. However, this blog is my business and brand so I will only allow responses in the comments that are business-friendly. If you write on your own blog, your own discretion and brand applies.

The Thursday after the challenge I will list all the links on my blog. You are encouraged to read what other writers wrote. Reflect on the prompt, process or pose a question.  The best way to build a social media platform for any of our writing projects or books is to get social. Be respectful of the diversity of writers joining the challenge.

Yesterday, I learned from The Guardian that authors Ann Rice, Joelle Charbonneau and Charlaine Harris have endured bullying threats, even bodily harm on Amazon. There’s a petition directed at Amazon for them to better buffer authors from cyber-bullies on their review platform. You can sign the petition here. Not that I expect it, but I want to state clearly that bullying is a power-trip that won’t be tolerated in this writing buckaroo’s arena.

The prompt is intended to get your creative mind into problem-solving mode. The 99 words (no more, no less) enhances the problem-solving capacity each of us has that leads to creative solutions. The prompt is also intended to inspire a kernel of an idea unique to your perspective. I’ll include my own response as an example. Let you mind fly wherever the prompt takes you, write and then go back and tighten your story into 99 words. Let’s begin!

March 5, 2014 Prompt: It’s an avalanche! Having grown up in the mountains of the western United States, I’ve witnessed avalanches of snow. I’ve even had survival training. Just last week, across the Idaho border in Montana, a snowboarder triggered an avalanche that obliterated a Missoula home. Three people were buried alive and rescued. Yet, avalanches can be loosened earth, rocks, sand or even flood debris. Outside of nature, avalanches can occur in fantastical stories such as an avalanche of gold treasure that a dragon triggers. Or in a grocery store, a child could grasp an orange and let loose an entire stack of citrus. In 99 words (no more, no less) write the aftermath of an avalanche of any kind from any perspective.

March 5 Response by Charli Mills:

Snow remained hurled like a white wave frozen upon the beach. But this was Missoula at the intersection of Vine and Redmond. The corner rental with shingled roof, white siding and periwinkle trim was gone. Olivia stood without her jacket in unlaced snow boots and yellow penguin pajamas. Where was Jacob? Her friend who kicked with her in karate class walked past her house to this intersection where people crunched across snow, prodding the white swath with poles as if seeking treasure. Then black against white she saw the bag two men carried to the ambulance with muted lights.

Submit your link by noon March 12, 2014 in the comments section! Thanks for taking the challenge and happy trails to you in your writing adventures!

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