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Written by Charli Mills

Charli Mills, a born buckaroo, makes literary art accessible at She writes about the veteran spouse experience and women forgotten to history.

May 6, 2014

Tips for WritersCurrently I’m away from Carrot Ranch. I’m trying to maintain some semblance of a schedule while hanging out in the “Garden City of Montana.” That would be Missoula.

As if in protest to a Rocky Mountain winter, spring unfurls at a furious pace here. Tulips point skyward revealing bright bulbs of cherry, peach, lemon and mango. My daughter’s garden already offers chives which are snipped and adding savory to our baked fish.

I know…it’s May 5, Cinco De Mayo.

But that’s my issue. I’m getting discombobulated on dates, times, schedules. I fixed beef enchiladas in rojo sauce last night. Cinco De Quatro. My kids are my focus. They’re grown, leading full lives and the chance to be with them, to share in these moments of finishing grad school, transitioning jobs, is worth distraction on my part.

I *forgot* tips last Monday, and while I’m busy cooking in the Garden City, I *forgot* to post a Friday recipe. And here it is Monday again. So I ask for your patience until I return to the ranch May 19. Flash Fiction will continue but my other posts may bumble off-schedule.

However, I have a delicious, spicy, hot tip for writers–in particular, bloggers–worthy of Cinco De Mayo. Author, blogger and marketer, Rachel Thompson started #Mondayblogs on Twitter in 2012. It’s a place for bloggers to post their writing (on MONDAYS, thus the name Monday Blogs) under the hashtag on Twitter. You can follow @MondayBlogs, too.

The benefits are real, encouraging and fulfilling. It’s social media working at its best for writers. I’ve met terrific bloggers, found good advice and look forward to what I now consider one of my favorite days of the week.

Now go have a taco and keep on writing until we meet up again on Carrot Ranch! (And don’t forget there’s a new prompt every WEDNESDAY for flash fiction even when I’m cooking and enjoying life off-ranch.)

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  1. Annecdotist

    Love the cross-cultural cross-climate cross-timezone interactions but you’ve got me on the significance of 5 Mayo – further clarification please!
    I’m also interested in bloggers who stick to a regular posting routine– is it necessary? Obviously for things like the flash fiction challenge where you’ve set a closing date (which I’m afraid I’m not going to eat this time) you need to stick to what you promised. Relax, take it easy and enjoy being with your kids.

    • Charli Mills

      Ha, ha! Oh, Anne, I was bubbling to my daughter and her husband that I feel as if I get to hang out in Great Britain every day or down under! I’m digging this cross-all interactions, too. Cinco De Mayo is Fifth of May and celebrates freedom in Mexico. I’m unclear on the battle or history of it. All I know is that Americans drink margaritas and eat tacos every fifth of May! What a goofy thing, really.

    • Charli Mills

      And, reflecting on the schedule, for me it’s a target. If I didn’t have markers for days like Monday Blogs or Flash Fiction on Wednesdays, I’d have no idea what day of the week it was. As an old-school marketer, I’d also say that consistency builds a good brand experience. As long as you’re blogging regularly, I don’t believe you need a rigid schedule. Whatever works for each person is the best balance.

  2. Lady Lilith

    I hope you had a lovely holiday.

    • Charli Mills

      Thank you Lady Lilith! It is going splendidly well!

  3. Norah

    Hi Charli. I agree with you about #Mondayblogs. I have met so many wonderful people using the #. Unfortunately the beginning of the week is always busy for me and I don’t get to read as much as I would like; but I do what I can and will have to be satisfied with that. Just as we need to be satisfied with posting on our blogs when we can. Looking at yours this week you seem to have posted quite frequently so I’m surprised when you say that you haven’t. Maybe it’s the type of content you are referring to? I know that when I started my blog I set myself the target of posting twice a week. I haven’t strayed too far from that but sometimes feel that I lose my focus and need to pull myself back on track. This year has had a lot of distractions for me so I am hoping to be able to dedicate more time to my goals as the years goes on. We should not be too hard on ourselves when other things interrupt though; but I agree that having a goal helps to keep procrastination away.

    • Charli Mills

      I’m trying to find my balance…I think it might be better if I focused on a goal of two or three times a week. I like pushing myself to write every day…both on my fiction and blogs. Mondays are now a kick-back day for me–the joy of a home office! 🙂 Reading is just as important to me so I like having a few days a week to enjoy that part, too.

      • Norah

        You must be an excellent time manager! I’m impressed by the quality, and quantity, of your output!

      • Charli Mills

        Norah, if only I could keep track of time!

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