Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You

Written by Charli Mills

Charli Mills, a born buckaroo, makes literary art accessible at She writes about the veteran spouse experience and women forgotten to history.

October 1, 2014

Carrot Ranch Flash FictionWriters explored life, seeking those things that don’t wait for us. From birth to beyond death, life continues blue sky after blue sky. Missed opportunities, regret, the feeling of being stuck, the reality of daily toils were among themes that emerged. In some instances, we discovered that we don’t wait on blue skies either to seek reprieve.

The following compilation of stories is based on the September 24, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) include a story where “blue skies won’t wait for you.”

Blue Skies for Merlin Over Italy by Tally Pendragon

I disembarked after a choppy sea journey from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to Ostia Antica and prepared myself for the walk along the Appian Way to Rome – it’s further than you think without a horse!

The sky seemed somehow to be a deeper blue in Theoderic’s Italy than it had in the territory of the Burgundians. I looked up, letting my gaze penetrate the ozone while searching for the place where the full, Harvest Moon would rise, and caught myself talking to the elements … “Don’t wait for me, blue skies! I have a delicious date with darkness tonight.”


Goodbye by Pete

They stood in the driveway avoiding eye contact. Their one year relationship had raced from one chapter to the next—the night they met, their first date, moving in together—until it had caught up to the moment he’d never allowed himself to fully believe would come. But she had to finish school. At 19, her life was just beginning, who was he to interfere?

Finally she looked up to him, a cloud of hope in her otherwise clear blue eyes. Then he said the two words that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

“Take care.”


Blue Sky Freedom by Sherri Matthews

Catherine bristled. Breathing deeply, she stood up along with the others as the Bridal Chorus played.

“What’s wrong?” whispered Steve without looking at her.

“Nothing!” She hissed. “I’m fine!”

Spoken vows scratched across Catherine’s heart like shards of glass, her wounds fresh and deep.

Steve leaned in. “Blue skies won’t wait for you sweetheart, so if you want out then get out. I’m not stopping you!”

Catherine stared at a single shaft of light beaming in through the stained glass window behind the vicar as he declared:

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!”


Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You by Sarah Brentyn

“It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”

He just looked at her. She tried again. “I’d really like to go outside. Get some fresh air and sunshine. Let’s go for a walk together, maybe hike near that lake you love. Um, Black Creek?”

“Black Rock Creek. Maybe tomorrow,” he looked back down at his computer.

“I told you it’s supposed to rain. Today there are blue skies, no clouds…” She allowed herself a small smile.

“There’s only a 50% chance of rain,” he said not looking up. He tapped on his keyboard. “The walk can wait.”

Her smile faded. “I can’t.”


Dreams Come True by Rachel E. Bledsoe

Catherine sat alone on the white bed surrounded only by teal throw pillows. The home seemed perfect. Things are not as they seem.

“God, I have followed every dream. I’ve completed every task. Where is he? The promise you made me. One can’t live without some love,” she prayed as the raw sadness crept into her throat and tears sunk down her porcelain cheeks.

Two weeks later she sat ready to face disappointment on a stick again. The bladder emptied and she exhaled a long breath.

Two lines on the stick; the promise had arrived. God heard her prayers.


A Life-Changing Event by Ruchira Khanna

Sam is being playful while looking at himself in the mirror.

Mom passes by his room to find him in such a state.

Walks in with her hands on her hips and a frown on her face.
Sam looks at her and quickly turns towards his papers.

Taking a deep breath, she strokes her hand over his head and says gently, “You can be comical all you want tomorrow evening after your significant and compelling event.”

Pats his shoulder as if trying to make him understand, “Ought to be serious, Sam. The Blue skies won’t wait for you.”


Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You by Irene Waters

“Come on. It’s a beautiful blue day. Let’s have a picnic.”

“No I’m too busy. Let’s go tomorrow. I’ll enjoy myself then.”

Grey skies with unrelenting rain met them the next day. “Should’ve gone on that picnic yesterday love.”

“We’ll go as soon as it’s fine.”

Three days passed and there was still no sign of it abating.

Jack woke early the next day. A beautiful blue day. He prepared the picnic basket before taking in a cup of tea to Joan.

“Cuppa Joan” She stared back at him with unseeing eyes.

“Blue skies won’t wait for you.”


Blue Skies by Sarah Unsicker

The dreary day was so different from the funeral sunshine. Cecilia could hardly recall it, her grief overpowering her ability to perceive, to live. She remembered her sister holding her up, moving her arms as if she were a life-sized doll. Cecilia had needed her lifelessness to bring him back to life. Instead, it had robbed her of her own life. In the depths of her grief, her daughter had grown up alone. Now Kate was gone. As Cecilia awoke to her reality, she understood what her mother had meant when she said, “blue skies won’t wait for you.”


Blue Skies Won’t Wait For You by Amber Prince

“It’s time to go.”

She watched the rain drops collide into the window and race each other downwards. “Not today, please.”

Her mother sighed, “If not today, when?”

“Another day.”

They looked around the empty room, avoiding the bloodstained carpet, knowing that any other day was not an option. Her mother placed a hand on one of her bandaged arms, “You might not have another day.”

She knew that it was time, but she was scared. Of what was to come. Of what had come to pass.

Her mother held out a hand. Together, they left her childhood room.


Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You by Allison Mills

Chelsea exhaled. Did she really have to pee? The window was dark.

She peeled back the quilt, sighing. The hand-hewn wooden planks under her feet creaked, the screen door echoing their complaints; the old Finnish sauna-turned-cabin was old.

But standing. That couldn’t be said for the rest of the buildings on the Korhonen Homestead. The two-story house was mostly collapsed, the porch awning kissing the kitchen floor.

The outhouse was too far. Chelsea squatted over a stunted, kill-by-urine thistle in the yard beside one of the gnarled thorn apple trees. Relieved, she just couldn’t wait for blue skies.


The Day After by Charli Mills

“I’m not ready for this.” Sarah had spent the long night alone at the sod house, scrubbing congealed blood from her hair. The stained dress she burned in the woodstove. Several Pony Express riders came by to convince her leave on the morning stage to Denver. Hickok was not one of them.

Leroy settled a trunk with her belongings in the back of the buckboard. “It’s best you come with me, Sarah. Emotions are running hot.”


“He’s dead.”

“I know. But…a funeral?”

“He’s already in the ground.”

“Mama tried to tell me ‘blue skies won’t wait for you.’”


He’s Gone by Larry LaForge

“You need to tell him,” Janice said to her husband Stan.

“It’s not as bad as the last heart attack,” Stan insisted. “He’ll be discharged in a few days.”

“Still. You have to make peace with your Dad. Why wait?”

After a sleepless night, Stan told Janice he was heading to the hospital.

Janice heard a familiar melody and realized Stan forgot his cell phone. She answered it while running out trying to catch him. “He’s gone,” she said into the phone as Stan’s truck drove away.

Sadly, the caller from the hospital had the same message.

He’s gone.

The 100-word version of this story is posted at larrylaforge100words on Flash Fiction Magazine.


New Horizons by Geoff Le Pard

‘We’ll be in the car.’ Paul and Penny, husband and daughter walked outside.

Mary closed her eyes, imagining a life without folds and shadows. Without lawyers and email and unwanted relations. She picked up her coat. Scotland and a break. A chance to stop thinking, to let in some light.

Penny waved hard, almost as if the draught would pull Mary over. Paul pointed up. ‘The blue skies won’t wait forever.’

Mary slammed the front door. ‘Blue skies?’ She smiled. ‘We’re going to Scotland, not the Seychelles.’

‘It’s not the location. The blue sky is in your smile, love.’


Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You by Susan Zutautas

Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You
Oh my darling yes it’s true
No matter how much you try
No matter how much you do
Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You

You get up each morning
You work the day away
The chickens to be fed
The cows milked
Stalls mucked out
Repairs to be made
Farmhouse cleaned
Family to feed
The baby put to bed

Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You
Remember this is what I said
Take some time for yourself my darling
Or life will pass you by in a flash
Blue Skies Won’t Wait For You


Trip to Missoula (7) - Copy

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  1. Annecdotist

    Another lovely collection, Charli, and such a range of interpretations of the prompt.
    Sorry I missed the boat – a case of blue sky won’t wait for you in real life rather than fiction (but it’s all in a good cause as I hope to share soon). Hope to make the next one.

    • Charli Mills

      Lots of blue skies in this one! I’ve been following your reviews and marvel at your tenacity to take on so many works of fiction. Since you have a writer’s studious eye when you read, I feel I benefit from your reviews, too. I see these books through the eyes of a sharp reader and I think about how I’m making my own fictional choices (or choices about my fiction–the choices are real). I hope you are also making terrific process in your own path to publication because I do have my eyes on the trail-blazers, too! Love it when you write here, Anne, but understand when blue skies call you elsewhere.

      • Annecdotist

        Thank you, Charli, lovely having you on my team and being on yours!

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