February 18Feeling good, though it’s been a rough day for technology. My “o” key is skipping, my power fluctuating and my satellite Internet slow as spring syrup dripping from a tapped maple tree. It got me outside in the sunshine and gave me the opportunity to talk to four different tech reps with my Internet provider. Feeling good after my melt-down with the final rep led to her fixing what I kept trying to point out was the problem.

Ever feel that way? It feels like problem upon problem and at the breaking point they clear like storm clouds and you see the beauty behind the storm? Yes, it’s that kind of after-the-storm-has-passed feeling good. My blog connectivity is fixed and I can share the Return of Robins to the Hood.

Compassion is still on my mind. Maybe because that last rep cared enough to listen to me when I hit the breaking point instead of repeating what her customer service manual suggested she do. It’s on my mind because we are approaching #1000 Voice Speak for Compassion on February 20, and because the last round of Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Stories of Compassion are amazing.

So I’m going to push feeling good. Here’s a little Michael Bublé to set the tone:

And I have a celebration to share. One of the heart, not the page. We have many readers of our stories at Carrot Ranch who remain anonymous, but regularly I see them “liking” and “sharing” our compilations of 99 words. It feels good to have readers, especially dedicated ones.

One of these regular readers is the Hub’s Kansas sister. She’s the one who took me to Rock Creek in October. I’ll call her Glutard because it will make her laugh and I love to hear her laugh. And I wish her much laughter and many years of feeling good; she is getting married this Sunday.

So, I’d like to offer our special reader a wedding gift of stories that feel good. Stories about how compassion makes the receiver or the giver feel. Stories of happy-ever-after endings. Stories about outrageous wedding gifts or the most incredible weddings ever. Go with where the prompt takes you, but return with a story that feels good.

February 18, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about feeling good. Is it a relationship? A new dawn, a new day? A reprieve or a relief from earlier tension? Does it come from giving or receiving a gift? Is it the result of compassion? If you hear wedding bells, add them to the story.

Respond by February 24, 2015 to be included in the weekly compilation. Rules are here. All writers are welcome!


What I’d Buy You by Charli Mills

If I had a trillion dollars, I’d buy you Bob’s Red Mill. The gluten-free division. I’d rebuild it in your back yard and every morning you’d rise to the smell of blueberry muffin happiness. I’d buy the land between Idaho and Kansas, moving it somewhere else so we could be closer and laugh out loud between our open doors. I’d buy you a costume-making business and you could make us those riding dresses we saw online, and I’d buy us horses to ride to your wedding. But money can’t buy what we already share: a friendship that feels good.


Rough Writers, check out the updated collaboration page.

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