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Rough Writer Tour Around The World: Geoff Le Pard

RW Tour Around the World(1)

Geoff Le Pard writes like a Time Lord — he speeds across the horizons of creativity, returning week after week with short-stories of humor, humanity and memoir. The author of multiple novels, he’s also a contributor to Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1. He takes us to the UK to reflect upon flash fiction and horizons. Join us each Monday as a different Rough Writer takes us around the world.

via The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1 or Flash Fiction: My (Small) Part In Its The Journey. #Carrotranch #congressofroughwriters #anthology


  1. Jules says:

    You can find the post Here

    At least after some digging and poking that’s where I found it…

    • Jules says:

      Sorry I did not check the really long link first. It goes to Geoff’s post too.
      A fun read and very nicely done promotional piece.
      A fine example for those who will follow.

    • Charli Mills says:

      The link is a “Press This” link. It’s as long as the title. 😉 Thanks, Jules!

      • Jules says:

        I think the first time I tried the ‘long link’ – I had only gotten the notice in my in-box and not at CR, and it didn’t work. So I went to the Rough Writers section and Geoff’s link didn’t work from there either. So I went a hunting…

    • TanGental says:

      thanks Jules

    • Liz H says:

      Jules: <3 <3 <3 for making this straightforward and easy!

      • Jules says:

        I’m still a dino in tech, but a few years ago I was gifted with a small piece of code… that my rattling marbles can handle 😉

      • Liz H says:

        Th’ heck with the Kardashians…the Flintstones REALLY rock! (Dino trumpeting as he scampers over to say hi!)

      • Jules says:

        Hi, Dino! Sometimes being stuck in a different generation could be a benefit? I mean I still know how to write in cursive! 😀

  2. Brilliant, Charli.

  3. Norah says:

    And they’re off! Around the world in how many days? It’s going to be a fun trip if Geoff’s post is anything to go by.

  4. susansleggs says:

    Just ordered my Anthology. My goal is to be included in the next one.

    • Charli Mills says:

      Woohoo! Thank you, Susan! And good to know. “Willingness” is the number one attribute of a Rough Writer. Good to know your interest!

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