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February TwitterFlash Share

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February TwitterFlash Share

It’s the last Friday in February (pretend, the Lead Buckaroo fell off her horse), and time to come back to the ranch to share your Twitter teaser plus your favorite tweet comment (made on yours or one you see on someone else’s tweet).

Make sure your blog’s share buttons read “via @[your Twitter handle]” at the end of the pre-populated message to be tweeted.

How dis your assignment go this month (and if you are not going to be on Twitter you don’t need to respond — this last post was intended for bloggers who want to increase their reach on the Twitter platform).

Stop by next Friday, March 2 for the next installment of this TwitterFlash project.

C. Jai Ferry is a flash fiction freak, human trafficking warrior, and Master Ninja at, an online space promoting published short stories and novellas to readers. Her titles include Unraveled, a collection of microfiction and flash fiction stories, and “Skeleton Dance,” 2014 winner of the Vermillion Literary Project Short Story Contest, which was turned into a film and included in the 2016 Nebraska Noir collection. She tweets from @CJaiFerry.


  1. Charli Mills says:

    I found that if I take a playful approach, I had an easier time coming up with teasers for retweets. I like how Norah Colvin adds a line of dialog to some of her retweets as if she were having a conversation (example for a post she shared: “Exactly! It’s why I always suggest people talk with, rather than to, children.”).

    Some Tweeters asked questions and most simply repeated the title or intro. Teasers are definitely something to keep practicing. My favorite teaser I saw this past month was from Hugh Roberts: “The Shocking Truth Found Inside Men’s Underpants.” And it was a fun and interesting read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These twitter story ideas are a lot of fun, Charli.

    Liked by 1 person

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