Of Unicorns

Written by Charli Mills

Charli Mills, a born buckaroo, makes literary art accessible at CarrotRanch.com. She writes about the veteran spouse experience and women forgotten to history.

March 1, 2018

What do we know of the lives of unicorns? Wrapped in myth and legend, these elegant animals exist in our imaginations, art and on the fringes. Often associated with rainbows, unicorns distinguish themselves from their horse cousins with a single horn.

Writers chased the myth and returned with tangible stories. Somewhat of a Carrot Ranch tradition, unicorns will always be near, an unofficial and yet beloved mascot.

The following stories are based on the February 22, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a unicorn.


On the Horn of a Dilemma by D. Avery

“Jeez, Pal. Do ya know what she wants this week?! Ain’t right fer a place that goes on about diversity an’ all. Shorty’s been on the road, musta got brainwashed.”

“Kid, jist calm yersef.”

“Wunder what color?”

“Kid, they can be any color you want.”

“Yeah, right. They’ll be all the same, all regulated. Why ain’tcha bothered, Pal? Oh, did Shorty give ya epaulets, make ya feel impotent?”

“That’s important and WHAT?”

“Uniforms, Shorty says uniforms now at Buckaroo Nation. Seems a might imperialistic ta me.”

“Kid, we’re to get unicorns, not uniforms.”



“That’s weird.”

“Jest ride.”


Captured by Stephanie Flint

Her fingers pass through the creature’s mane, which is silky white, like threads dipped in the morning dew. He is in chains. She slides her fingers under the delicate silver.

“You will be free.”

His ears swivel, listening. She strokes the damp fur of his neck. He breathes hard from the chase.

“Do not worry. I will return.”

She disappears, her slippers padding through the rain-flushed grass. When she returns, her gossamer gown whispering around her calves, the unicorn raises his head. His blue eyes regard her, pleading.

She reveals a pair of wire cutters and smiles. “Be free.”


Friendship is Blind by Molly Stevens

She slipped into a seat in the back of the classroom. It was her first day in the new school and experience taught her to keep a low profile. As best she could bearing her prominent appendage.

When the teacher called her name, twenty pairs of eyes bored into her. Her cheeks flushed, and she slumped deeper into her chair.

When the bell rang, one girl stayed behind, approached her and said, “I am sensing something magical about you.”

The unicorn knelt down, helped her new sightless friend onto her back, and together they pranced on to the playground.


Magical Thinking by Bill Engleson

It could have been a unicorn except for the fact that it wasn’t. The fact was…it was a cat.

The truth didn’t matter to Mulroney.

On that day when his mind snapped, all he cared about was a memory from his magical childhood, a dream of a thousand magnificent unicorns scampering in the sky.

The next morning, he begged his parents to come outside and bear witness.

They humoured him, said, “yes, we see them.”

“Why did you lie?” the doctor asked.

“He was so excited,” they replied.

“The world will crush him,” the doctor predicted with uncanny accuracy.


Unicorn by Frank Hubeny

Generally two of something balance better aesthetically and provide depth of experience, but I only had one horn growing out of the top of my head.

I wasn’t disabled or anything, but who would hire me? If you didn’t look at the horn, which was hard not to, I actually looked pretty good.

Kids bullied me because of the horn. I fought back. I did that a lot. I got real good at it. I mean it was fun. They sent me to the Riverland State Detention Facility and cut off my horn.

So, yeah, I was a unicorn.


Unicorn: A Cautionary Tale by Nicole

Once upon a time, farmers were free to plant seeds.  After harvest they collected and saved new seeds to plant again come spring.  Then came a greedy monster named Monstrosity, who sought to rule the land.  First, Monstrosity built a laboratory where he manufactured fictional corn. Then he took over the government, and made a law that real corn could not be planted forevermore.  The real farmers lost their farms. Monstrosity thought he’d won. Then one magical night a unicorn named TimesUp came and ate all of Monstrosity’s corn.  Rage consumed the monster, and real farmers came back home.


Grandpa’s Imagination by Ann Edall-Robson

“Come quick, Maggie. I told you they were still around.”

“Where, Grandpa, where? I don’t see anything.”

“You have to look really close, across the field, near the far corner.”

“I don’t see anything! Show me, show me. I don’t want to miss it. Summer’s almost over and you said you have only seen them in August.”

“Oh, there were a few in September, once.”

“I still can’t see it.”

“It’s over there, beside the willow bush.”

“Grandpa! That’s a cob of corn!”

“Yup, I told you, a uni-corn. One cob of corn left to harvest.”

“Oh, Grandpa…”


The Unicorn by Michael Grogan

The day the white unicorn appeared in my back paddock I thought I was seeing things.

It paused at the back fence and I took in its majesty.

Venturing to the fence we eyed each other off.

It dipped its head, his impressive horn pointing at me, and I reached out and touched it. It felt softer than I imagined, the spirals silky soft but there was a hidden strength within it.

It pawed the ground and moved closer and I felt the aura of its magic wash over me. Infused by this I had never felt so exhilarated.


Unicorns by Eric Pone

Maryann had issues. Reading Tolkien in the very unposh environs of the coffee shop she looks at Ginger and noticed her staring very intently. “Unicorns aren’t real you know.” She said this very confidently. “What the hell are you talking about?” Maryann replied. “Weird writers always bring up unicorns and yet no one has ever seen one.” Maryann was confused. “Lord of the Rings doesn’t have any unicorns!” Ginger countered. “Well just wanted to let you know they ain’t real. That’s all.” Maryann thinks Ginger had finally snapped went back to reading. “Why do I love you?” and laughed.


The Sorter by Ruchira Khanna

“Tara have you seen my bangles?” queried an impatient mom while looking high and low for her accessories.

“Right here!” the daughter shouted from her room to which the mom dashed in her direction.

Tara was quick to take it off the horn.

Mom had a hearty laugh seeing that the horn was nonetheless of a unicorn and was used to stack rubberbands, bangles, scrunchies, hairbands.

Tara stroked the stuffed animal lovingly, “He is not only my buddy with healing powers but also helps keep things sorted.” she grinned and exhibited lacerations on her lips, tongue, and left cheek.

Do We Need Unicorns by Rugby843

Yes, it’s a unicorn we need

The legendary healing steed

His magic will cure us

His reputation precedes.

The myth exclaims he heals the sick

Casts out poisons, is this the trick

We need this day to stop the slaughter

Of our innocent sons and daughters?

I would gladly ask him to aid

If I knew where this unicorn stayed

Or is he only seen in a book

Tell me, where should I look

It’s obvious we can’t do it alone

We need a mythological tome

To give us advice, tell us the answer

Is it this fantastical prancer?


The End of Magic by Dickensian

She had grazed in these fields since the beginning of time. But it was all over now. The last unicorn raised her head and looked around. She would miss the lilac sky, the blue fields and the lakes of crimson.

She knew what was happening. The number of people believing in magic, believing in her, was in decline. Hard, cold facts had taken over and people no longer dreamed. She lay down, breathing the sweet scent from the grass, ready to close her eyes one last time. But just as she thought it was all over, someone started dreaming.


My Secret Friend by Susan Sleggs

My homework was late again and my grades were dropping.

My English teacher said sadly, “How long has your Mom been in the hospital this time?”

“Six weeks.”

“I’m sorry. Try to do better getting your homework done. Are you all right at home alone so much?”

“Yes. I go for a lot of walks in the woods. It’s quiet there and I like to watch the chipmunks. They make me laugh.”

“You’re sure it’s safe.”

“Yes. I never see another human.” I didn’t tell her about the unicorn that walks with me. I knew she wouldn’t believe me.


Unicorns Aren’t Real by Norah Colvin

“What’s that supposed to be?” sneered Brucie.

Marnie bit her lip.

“Doesn’t look like anything to me,” he scoffed, inviting an audience.

“A unicorn,” she whispered.

“Miss said, ‘Draw your favourite animal.’ A unicorn can’t be your favourite animal–it’s not even real.”

Marnie continued drawing.

“Anyway, doesn’t look like a unicorn with those four horns.”

“They’re not horns.”

“Marnie’s unicorn’s got four horns,” laughed Brucie, a little too loudly.

Miss investigated.

“He said my unicorn’s got four horns. He said unicorns aren’t real.”

“How can unicorns have four horns if they’re not real?” asked Miss.

Brucie was silent.


Learning to Draw by Anne Goodwin

I’m rubbish at this. My horse looks more cow than anything, or wildebeest. Why am I even here?

It gets easier with practice, Miss Mills said. I take a deep breath, relax my shoulders and select a pencil with a sharpened point. Burnt umber: I haven’t used that yet. He might seem more equine with a bridle.

Before I’ve made a stroke, the teacher looms over me. My hand slips, etching a brown protrusion from the animal’s forehead. I hold my breath.

How lovely, she says. A unicorn!

Lovely? Something shifts in me. Maybe art class will be fun.


Party Animal by Michael Fishman

I stepped into the leg holes and frowned. “Seriously?”

“Hey, it was coin flip; can’t be fairer than that.”

“So, Bill, two outta three?”

“How about it’s your daughter’s birthday party?”

“All the more reason I should be the head, right?”

Bill smiled, turned, and pulled the suit over his head.

I pulled up my half, fastened the suspenders and bent over until my nose was right up against Bill’s ample hindquarters.

Maybe next year Tina’s favorite animal will be a monkey, or an ostrich, or some other animal that walks on two legs and not some stinking unicorn.


Unicorn by Kay Kingsley

Sarah and Julie were the two most beautiful princesses in all the land. Their cardboard castle stood tall and strong in their backyard kingdom. Their subjects (Barbies riding plastic horses and stuffed animals wearing precious gems) filled the castle interior. Their pink and purple gowns sparkled in the sun.

Jared waited on his pirate ship near the yard’s horizon, planning his castle plunder, dreaming of the enemies he would slay, making the princesses walk the plank.

But the princesses didn’t worry about the approaching ship. Galloping from the West, their protector came charging. It was Rex, the family unicorn.


Magical Appearance by Paula Moyer

Eight-year-old Jean loved the fairy tale book at her grandmother’s. A glossy, dark green cover, illustrations with every story. Big, thick, and heavy.

One afternoon she brought the hefty volume to the back yard. Perched in the white Adirondack chair, she turned the pages in complete absorption.

When the Rose-of-Sharon bush rustled, she didn’t look up. Just the ubiquitous Oklahoma wind. The stomp roused her.

Then Jean saw the small, white horse through the leaves. Oddly calm.

When Jean reached up to pet its nose, she saw it. The conical tusk.

“It’s true.” The horse spoke! “We are real.”


The Secret Stall by Charli Mills

“I don’t wanna pick blackberries. They got too many thorns.” Libby stuck her throbbing thumb in her mouth.

“Look, Libby’s a baby.” Her brother Joe pointed, and their cousins laughed. Libby headed to the barn. The cat was nicer than these five boys.

“Here kitty…” She could hear boy-chatter across the yard. It was dark inside. A shuffle sounded from behind the farm tractor. Careful not to trip over tools, Libby made her way to the back where a glow in the stall revealed a shining horn.

It was attached to a unicorn sleeping on a pile of quilts.


Daddy’s Little Girl by Annette Rochelle Aben

Momma says there’s no such things as unicorns. They are mythical beasts, the creations of rich imaginations. Really, the very idea of there being a pony with a horn protruding from its forehead. They are just freaks of nature.

I’ll bet my dad would agree with me. But I don’t know him, he never came back around after I was born.

I love it when I run around with my hair blowing wild and free in the wind. I imagine I’m a unicorn. Momma scolds, telling me to train my hair to hang over my freak of nature forehead.


Stable Hand by CalmKate

As I swept out the stables I felt a gentle nudge
these horses were so friendly, I felt blessed to have this job
turning to give him a pat my head hit something solid
imagine my shock when I saw a large translucent horn
This was no ordinary horse but a magical unicorn!
My head was in a spin, should I saddle him
when I noticed his wings folded
so I jumped astride, my joy I could not hide
Then out and up we went at a steep descent
over the fertile fields we climbed with birds winging by!


Unicorn by Pensitivity

He was her friend and loyal companion.

But he was the last of his kind, as was she.

She could not bear the thought of him dying, but his time was near and he wanted to give her one final gift before departing this world for the next.

She had wanted to be human, have legs rather than a fish tail, to walk among men and women alike.

As she nuzzled against him for the last time, he granted her wish.

She laid him gently in the sand and stood to watch the waves claim his body in farewell.


Miss Meadows by Juliet Nubel

As soon as they saw her impish, sparkling face they had to name her Aurn.

They saw their families feign smiles, and they heard the whispers whenever they took her out.

“Such a pretty child. But what an ugly name. They should have called her Daisy or Lily or Rose. She would go far in life as Daisy Meadows”. Then they laughed.

Aurn heard too. But she really didn’t care. She knew why they had done it. They reminded her every night.

“Why do we love you so much?”

“Because I am unique.”

“Yes, our little glittery unique Aurn.”


The Unicorn Price by Wallie & Friend

It had been a mistake. He was no hunter, and even if he had been it would have taken remarkable skill to catch this unicorn without some kind of deception. But he was desperate and the king’s bounty was tempting. Now the unicorn’s horn was at his heart.

The unicorn’s eyes gazed into his. But then the creature raised her head and turned aside. The man’s knees buckled with relief. He almost cried out when she nudged him with her soft muzzle.

“Beneath the oak tree is buried a silver star,” she said. “Its price will feed your children.”


The Rescue? by JulesPaige

So deep into the forest to the place of ‘dried rose petals
lacing her memories of bouquets’ that were only imagined.
Into the spaces where spider’s abandoned webs created
‘filaments of dust written in a dead language…’ That is
where the trance took her. She thought to decree her life
was full of worth, yet it appeared stygian.

Until a hoof attached to an appendage of a dream rested
near her knee as she sat upon the end of old wooden road.
All she had to do was accept ‘this’ fate – and never return to
reality. The unicorn concurred.


unicorn by  joem18b

my mama told me not to hang round rufus. don’t see that boy no more. he’s not our kind she said.

he’s my kind i said.

your young just horsing around my papa said your not stable yet. it’s your first rodeo.

he’s lasso’d my heart i said.

he wrangled your brain papa said.

i forbid you mama said but without disrepecting her wishes i respected mine more and rufus and i galloped into the woods behind our barn. the moon was full and i was left unsupervised as the t-shirt says.

now i’m mama of the world’s first zebra-corn.


Unicorn by Ritu Bhathal

“A unicorn? You want a unicorn?” Sarah turned from her daughter and looked at her ex-husband, Peter, rolling her eyes. “Honestly, it’s like living with Verruca Salt! She thinks she can demand anything, and that you’ll get it! How are you going to handle this one? They’re not even real!”

She was fed up of her daughter’s unrealistic demands, and the fact that Peter, anxious to score Best Parent points, would always succumb to the demands.

Peter just smiled and said “No problem, my Princess!” and hastily typed Unicorn into the Amazon search bar. Amazon sold everything after all!


Whiny Unicorns by Floridaborne

“Dad says you’re daft,” My 10 year old grandson advised me with a face so serious I had to smile.

“He believes in rainbows and unicorns,” I chuckled.  “I love your dad very much, but he has the common sense of a turnip.”

“That was mean,” my grandson said, bottom lip quivering.

“The world is a violent place.  If words make you cry, I don’t want to see what happens when you’re punched in the face.”

“You hurt my feelings!”

Footsteps, quick with anger, followed the words, “Out of my house, Ma!”

“Gladly,” I chuckled.

I walked to my Cadillac, considering the perfect gift for a family of whiny atheists. I’m changing my will and leaving everything to my church.


The Last of the Unicorns by Anurag Bakhshi

“Marry me Helen, I love you from the core of my heart.”

“Everyone says that Aaron.”

“I’m a unicorn….”

“What’s the big deal about that? You’re just a horse with a horn.”

“But I’m the last surviving member of my species…”

“Ohhhhh, so now I should marry you out of pity.”

“No, but unicorns are magical beings, marrying one leads to eternal youth.”

“Stop it, you’re just being pathetic now Aaron.”

“No, I swear it’s true.”

“How can a gal say no to THAT baby.”

And as Aaron kissed Helen to seal their union, he quietly uncrossed his hooves.


Magical Christmas Unicorn by Sarah Whiley

I inspected its creamy white head, and caramel-coloured body. What an amazing creature.

“Where can I get one?” I asked my sister.

She whispered the answer, adding, “There aren’t many left, so you’d better be quick.”

I didn’t hesitate, following her to its habitat.

The man beamed, “Ah, a wise choice madam! Inspired by the magical pillars of our universe: Unicorns, Christmas and Ice-cream; Bridge Road Brewers presents its limited edition, vanilla ice-cream ale, the Magical Christmas Unicorn. Please enjoy this beverage of fun.”

Handing over my money, rolling my eyes, I thought, Come on! It’s just a beer!


Singing Their Joy by D. Avery

The People hear their clan singing their joy at returning, their chirps and squeals, their clicking talk. The People gather to greet them, also singing happiness, laughter and talk. For both clans it is a time of feasting.

The men joke as they keep watch. We can see the ivory horns, but these ones are too far off, these ones are not ready. Hundreds more will swim by. There will be those who will come close, to be received by the People. We are grateful, waste nothing. We carve their stories in ivory, so the tuugaalik will live forever.


Dog Days and Phoenix Nights by Geoff Le Pard (from The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1)

It was morphogenesis; Milton was in flames but not in pain. Peter smiled. What next for the Staffie?

‘He’s smiling, Mum.’

‘It’s the sun. When they turn Grandpa to the window, it looks like he’s smiling.’ Mary slipped past the bleeping machines. ‘Here, I’ll move this.’

A horn grew from Milton’s head; Peter knew now. A unicorn. The flames engulfed the dog, leaving the horn pointing skywards. Peter felt happy at last.

‘There.’ Mary pulled the drip stand from the window so its shadow cut across Peter’s face. ‘I wish, he’d give us a sign.’

‘He’s peaceful, Mum.’


The Lion and the Unicorn by Sue Vincent

“…but I’m supposed to eat you. Part of the job description.” The lion roared his frustration. The pale object of his attentions polished her horn delicately, the sound of crystal on granite worse than chalk on a blackboard. The unicorn’s flanks quivered with amusement.

“You can try… but I don’t fancy your chances much.”

“But I’m King of the Beasts!” One huge paw struck the ground.

“Exactly. Strength of body against purity of soul…”

“It’s unnatural…”

“No… it is perfect.” The fragile creature lowered the crystal horn. “Beauty goes straight to the heart of you… and I never miss.”


The Unicorn by Deborah Bowman

The air is sweet as flowers, tart as leaves, chilled, yet warm as breath and blood.

I’m blinded by glare.

She stands in regal glory. A breeze whispers through her white mane, tail, and coat; eyes blue as sky; alabaster hooves. She sees me.

She nods. I go forth on fairy wings. Her breath escapes in silent words. She drops her massive head.

All the angelic colors of the rainbow radiate from The Unicorn’s horn. Magical, ethereal, silky to the touch. All there is and all there ever will be in one sensual stroke. I smile; she nuzzles me.


The Dig by Colleen Chesebro

As an archeologist, I spent hours looking for the bony remains of ancient creatures. Today, my frustration mounted. The land yielded nothing. If I didn’t find something valuable soon my funding would end.

A dry wind blew eddies of grit across a long, twisted object lodged in the ground. I brushed away the sand unveiling the skeleton of a prehistoric horse with a horn projecting from its skull. My trepidation mounted. Who would believe I had unearthed the bones of a mythological creature – a unicorn?

I felt the tremors of the earthquake begin as the land reclaimed my secret.


Strength in Peace by Rebecca Glaessner

I tapped run and the robotic creature shifted smoothly through the commands I’d coded. Satisfied, I packed it up for the presentation.

“Gonna tell me?” someone said, “somethin’ fierce, I bet.”

“A dragon, ya think?” another said.

Head held proud, I made my way to the platform.

“I chose to create something of legends,” I said, “something of the first world, something that inspired billions.”

Murmurs rippled through the crowd.

I revealed the creature.

Several scoffed, others laughed, “ridiculous.”

I tapped run and the crowd hushed, transfixed. The life-sized unicorn awoke.

“Something that’ll inspire peace through these wars.”


Hidden Treasure by Sherri Matthews

“Someink wrong with this ‘orse.”

“Ere…let me ‘ave a go.” Eve took the brush from Jim and replaced his rough bursts with soft, smooth strokes across the horse’s shoulders.

“So white and pretty, you are me darlin’. How I would love to fly away with you…”

Jim, close as breath, grabbed Eve by the back of her neck.

“Shut the hell up, talkin’ like that. Ain’t I warned you enough times? Shut yer trap if you want the dosh.”

Jim left for the pub.

Eve kept brushing, smiling through tears as she caressed the nub of a first wing.


Collateral Damage – Zen Style by Abby Rowe

‘But, Master, I work tirelessly to make myself a better man. Where I see a fault, I excise it.’

‘You so recklessly slay your dragons, my son, that one day you may find you have also destroyed the last unicorn. That is too high a price.’


‘A divine flash of light and purity, glimpsed in the corner of your mind’s eye, felt in your heart’s quiet moments. Never captured, always treasured. A mortal and elusive creature.’

‘What should I do?’

‘Pause. Contemplate the unseen existence of the unicorn. Ask the dragon how it is with his soul today.’


Hunter’s Honor by Jack Schuyler

“What do you mean? It can’t be done?” Thorn leaned forward, a scowl turning his face ugly in the dim light of the tavern. The man took a sip of Ale.

“Can be done. Won’t do it.”

Thorn slammed his fists on the table, “you’re supposed to be some master hunter! I pay you, you hunt the game.”

The man looked into his tankard, scrutinizing it briefly before spitting into the frothy interior. “There’s honor in this game. I’ll hunt dragon, chimera, or cockatrice, but I don’t know a man in this valley what will hunt you a unicorn.”


Unicorn by Patrick M. O’Connor

The large animal lumbered along slowly. It’s strides shaking the ground with each step.

I took aim and fired a shot. Missed.

He looked up, noticing the noise and spotted me.

His body turned to face me. Dipping his head, his single horn pointed directly at me.

A snort and he began a full-out run straight at me.

The ground shook under my feet. Dust flew everywhere.

Another shot, this time hitting the horn in the front of his head. It didn’t slow him down a bit.

I tried to reload but it was way too late.

Game over.


Judgement by Stephanie Fint

His curved horn meets with flesh and another criminal meets his fate. A sinner. A thief. No more shall he steal. The crowd roars their approval. The unicorn raises his bulky head and swings it side to side like a bull. They cheer for him and his judgment.

He flicks his tail, slender like a cow’s, with a tuft of brown hair at the end. The rest of his fur is black. His horn is tri-colored. Black at the base, cinnamon in the middle, and red on top. Stained red… it would be brown, but the blood never dries.


Unicorn’s Lament by Mat Wall of TellingStories

“Halt,” says the imperial guardsman, fingering the holster of his laser pistol.

I freeze before the transporter. I could run, but I would only look guilty. They’re not looking for me. They’re looking for a white horse with a single horn. They don’t understand. The legends are allegory.

“Passport,” he says.

I release my held breath. He doesn’t know what I am. A unicorn is not a creature. A unicorn is a person. We were once a proud people, but we’ve been hunted to the edges of the galaxy. For all I know, I may be the last one.


Unicorn by Heather Gonzalez

All that was left of her was a tattered stuffed unicorn. Much like that unicorn, my child was almost like a myth to me now. My former life seems as if it had floated away in the wind only leaving small remnants behind. They don’t tell you that when you lose all custody, it feels as if they have died or maybe even never existed as time goes by.

Maybe if I had realized that, I wouldn’t have injected such poison into my life. Now I am left with the scars of my choices and a tattered stuffed unicorn.


Like The Unicorn by Lisa Rey

She knew like the unicorn she would be hunted and many would try to bring her down. She also knew there was many who liked unicorns. She knew that like the unicorn, she was strong. She knew she would battle to the end against the prejudiced and the brainwashed who thought different of her because of one simple thing, that she was pansexual.

No one would stop her spirit … stop my spirit. I am me and like the unicorn I will glide through every forest and every storm.

Unicorn: Strong, fragile, human. Living, refusing to be made feel bad.


Youthicorn by Kerry E.B. Black

It sparkles in my periphery, silver as moonlight and as illusive. When I turn to catch it with my full gaze, it flees swifter than a shy spirit. Still I feel its unfailing goodness.

I used to be good, too, used to befriend the creature that haunts the corners of my consciousness. That was long ago, before age and experience settled upon my shoulders like cloaks layered atop one another. Before I lost my innocent interpretations and bowed to cynicism.

Now its glinting horn points to my failure, the unicorn that was but will never again exist for me.


Huh? by Geoff Le Pard


‘Do you think unicorns exist, Logan?’

‘No, they’re fantasy.’

‘Are you so sure?’

‘Course. There’s no evidence, Morgan. Can I watch the game?’

‘Why do you need evidence?’

‘Because you do. We’re rational beings…’

‘You believe in the atom yet you’ve not seen it.’

‘There’s evidence. Credible. Please let me watch.’

‘Seeing’s believing, eh?’

‘Is this about religion because we’re one nil up…’

‘This goes deeper that any debate on God’s existence.’


‘Yes, you believe, despite eons of evidence to the contrary that Palace will one day win something…’


‘Was that a unicorn? Or a pig?’


Interpretation by Deb Whittam

With brow furrowed and lips pursed Marc leaned back to consider his work, it was a job well done and with a flurry he made a small bow even as the wheezing voice intruded on his euphoria.

“Can I see yet?  It’s been hours.”

It had to be an exaggeration but as he glanced at the clock Marc realized Joel was right and without delay he turned the mirror to display the finished tattoo.

Joel squinted, “What the hell is that?”

“A unicorn of course,” Marc responded, indignation coloring his tone.

“I didn’t know unicorns only had one eye.”


No Absolute Truths by Reena Saxena

“The unicorn is a myth.”

“All myths originate from someone’s thoughts, when a need is felt for it.”

“Desperation to believe?”

“Yes. The story goes that only a virgin could capture it. Virgins denote power of purity. That makes the unicorn a symbol of truth.”

“There are no absolute truths either.”

“I agree. But it is a truth that existed for someone at some point of time. And it will come into being, to purify all that surrounds it.” Grandpa was insistent.

I swear I saw a cloudy unicorn float through the sky. Grandpa had passed away last night.


Jest Quest by D. Avery



“A-maizing. I dunno, Pal. I don’t know much ‘bout uni-corns.”

“Break it down Kid. Ya know hosses?”

“Ain’t my first time at the rodeo.”

“An’ ya know longhorns?”

“Well, sure, we’ve had our share a longhorns at the ranch.”

“So jest round up a bronc with one long horn.”

“Thinkin’ we’re gonna have ta ride a long ways fer this ‘un.”

“Yep. Ta antiquity.”

“Next ta Barbuda?”

“No, into olden times, maybe even magical times.”

“Think I’ll jest hang back this time.”

“What’sa matter Kid?”

“Um, jest read ya gotta be a Virginian ta catch a uni-corn.”


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This Is Awkward Collection

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  1. Ritu

    So many wonderful magical ideas and stories!

    • Charli Mills

      Yes, unicorns bring out the magic!

      • Ritu

        They really do!!!!

  2. Sue Vincent

    A real treasure trove of stories 🙂

    • Charli Mills

      Indeed! A fine collection worthy of unicorns.

      • Sue Vincent

        That takes some doing 🙂

  3. calmkate

    an amazing collection, some quite sad but Molly and Wallie were exceptional and I appreciate the message that Rebecca conveyed … well done everyone!
    How do you choose which ones to publish Charli that will be a really tough job ..

    • Charli Mills

      Rebecca’s flash moved me, too. As for choosing, I arrange all the entries according to themes and emotions. The first story is meant to be a hook to draw in readers. I look for connections and contrasts. Sometimes I’ll have a funny story follow a line of dark one (or the other way around). The arrangement is part of my own literary art challenge. I’ve found that collections can make a greater statement.

      If a story is not included it’s an accidental omission which can happen if writers depend on pingbacks (which can be fickle) or one got lost during the arrangement process (which is my error). Writers are good about letting me know if I missed them! 🙂

      • calmkate

        lol wondered about the order … will I ever make it closer to the top [asking myself]
        You do a great job of including us all and so many participate which is a credit to your skills Charli, thanks!

      • Charli Mills

        Ha! “Closer to the top” only means that those stories connected to the opening one. And it’s so subjective as to which story will open the collection — sometimes a dark story is incredibly crafted, but do I want to start dark? It’s kind of like, well, writing! lol. My hope is that there’s never a placement according to a best/worst continuum. I don’t believe in that with art. Obviously, we all can work on craft, but even a raw piece of writing can move a hard heart. And something well crafted might be placed elsewhere to carry the collection. What I love about working with collections is that the stories become a living organism and it erases the necessity of judging one as better than another. It’s more like, what do all these divergent voices have to say?

  4. Richmond Road

    I’m rare my sweetheart
    One of a kind
    So tell me what you
    Had in mind
    You need not see me like the rest
    For you will see me at my best
    Do not be frightened
    Nor forlorn
    I’m your unicorn

    • Charli Mills

      Oh, Richmond, that’s a great response!

      • Richmond Road

        Aw, shucks, thanks Charli

  5. Colleen Chesebro

    Wow! We are a fun eclectic bunch of writers. I loved everyone’s take. Well done. Unicorns are associated with fairy magic, thus the rainbow. Think how drab our life would be without myths and the magic of hope. <3

    • Charli Mills

      So well stated, Colleen. We need the magic of hope and all the colors of the rainbow. Yes! we are a fun eclectic group! I love the diversity.

      • Colleen Chesebro

        It makes our collections appealing to everyone! <3

  6. storiesyounevertell

    nice do check my blog if you love short stories

    • Charli Mills

      We love writing short stories 99 words at a time. You are welcome to join in any of the challenges.

    • Charli Mills

      Thanks for releasing the unicorns on your site!

  7. lisarey1990

    What a wonderful collection of stories. Loved reading everyone else’s pieces. 🙂

    • Charli Mills

      It’s my favorite part every week!

    • Charli Mills

      Indeed! Thanks for reading!

  8. robbiesinspiration

    Lots of very interesting contributions, Charli. The different interpretations are amazing.

    • Charli Mills

      And it never ends! Abundance is the beauty of creativity.

  9. Jules

    I am glad for these all together… some weeks I just can’t read and comment on each individually.

    Thanks to all who participated for the magic you brought.

    • Charli Mills

      Thanks, Jules! I’m pondering ways to maintain meaningful interaction and yet create more efficient processes for reading and responding. My wheels are turning. The growth spurt surprised me but is welcome — after all we want to make literary art accessible, so, yay, writers are using our literary art form and having fun with it. But how to corral, read and interact…thinking, thinking, thinking…

  10. MistressoftheInk

    What an interesting feature; way to go getting those creative juices flowing! Got a good chuckle out of The Last of the Unicorns. Then the Judgment piece took my emotions to a different turn.

    • Charli Mills

      Isn’t it amazing to read the transition and depth of emotion from one to the next? I’m happy to hear it gets the creative juices flowing! Just what we want!

  11. odysseyofhappiness

    A bit late for the challenge. But a personal challenge as fantasy and unicorns are not typically my cup of tea. So how to use it? Here’s what I came up with. Hope you like it.


    The general looked out over the expanse below him in the valley. The ground below writhed in agony as if alive. So careful the plan he had laid. Where had he erred? This was his day! The words to be spoken, loud and echoing, already rehearsed. But where had he erred? He felt the eyes, filled with horror, fixed upon him. He saw the unicorn, giant, a single elegant horn flying from its brow. It marched to him and bowed gracefully. He fell to his knees. His hands grasped the horn, red with blood, and the shame of defeat.

    • Charli Mills

      Great juxtaposition of fantasy and Samari code. Thanks for adding your flash!

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