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Rough Writer Around the World Tour: Sherri Matthews

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One virtual literary space is neighborly with another: from the wild west of Carrot Ranch to the lush pastorial countryside of England, the Summerhouse is the latest stop on the Rough Writer Tour Around the World. Sherri Matthews is more than a literary friend and original Rough Writer — she’s also my trusted writing partner and one of the advisors to Carrot Ranch Literary Community.

Sherri and I share much in common in our approaches to writing craft and processes, and yet we both take one different genres. We’ve learned much from each other by sharing our processses. I’m delighted to share the Summerhouse stop with all of you. Continue over to Sherri’s virtual and eternal summer place: Real Memoir, Imaginary Flash Fiction and Not Your Typical Anthology.

Join us as we continue the tour:


  1. […] Source: Rough Writer Around the World Tour: Sherri Matthews […]

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  2. Annecdotist says:

    Sherri, a lot of my comments on WordPress sites that I visit intermittently seem to be going straight to spam at the moment 😦 Here’s the comment I tried to post yours
    Good to visit you again at the summerhouse, Sherri, even if the “house” part exists only in our imaginations. (Summer also with more snow forecast for the UK this weekend.)
    I’m glad you took a risk with Flash fiction as I’ve enjoyed your 99-word stories very much. Having read your engaging essay in the anthology a couple of days ago I wanted to pick up on your contrasting experiences of reactions to your foray into fiction. As you say, Charli was very welcoming and encouraging, whereas your creative writing tutor makes my blood boil (while yours turned to ice). It’s not easy to recognise the potential in a first attempt at writing but it’s a skill I’d expect from someone who gets paid to teach. Anyway … I’m glad to have met you via the Ranch.
    Another thing that struck me as I read your post is that even for those of us who regularly write fiction the prompts can take us to unexpected places. I’m finding that the opportunity to be playful – and sometimes downright silly – feeds back into my fiction in a positive way.

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    • Norah says:

      WP seems to spamming a lot of comments at the moment, Anne. I had to dig six of Charli’s out of spam one day, and one of yours too, I think, on the same day. I was interested to read your response to Sherri’s post on the way that writing flash also influences your writing. I also like the playful aspect, but the challenge is high on the list for me as well.

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    • Hi Anne, so sorry for your hassle with the WP spam issue, so kind of you to post here too. I found your comment in my spam sure enough at the Summerhouse and have released it and replied to you there 🙂 Hopefully your spam issues are getting sorted out now…

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    • Charli Mills says:

      These comments read like the Tale of SMAG & SPAM! 😀

      Anne, I like hearing that the prompts bring out a playful side. I see that with other writers, too and I see it as a benefit of playing with words rather than working with words.

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  3. Norah says:

    Fabulous post and so nice to get to visit Sherri at her Summerhouse again. Summerhouses and Carrot Ranches – next week the virtual classroom. Perhaps I need to come up with a catchy title too. 🙂

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  4. Ann Edall-Robson says:

    I galloped through the Anthology when I first received it and now I am going through at a slow easy walk allowing me to really appreciate all that has been written. And now, each week I can’t wait for the world tour to show up in my inbox to introduce me further to the “my beginning at the Ranch stories” and the tidbits of the writing and personal stories.

    It’s been a pleasure spending this time with you, Sherri. Your Summerhouse is the dream of writers far and wide. A lovely place to draw your memories from and be able to visit the images in your mind.

    P.S. Any chance we will hear more of Fred’s story in the future?

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  5. Jules says:

    Just got back from a delightful visit at Sherri’s Summer House!
    Thanks to all who make Carrot Ranch a spectacular place to visit and be a part of.

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