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Creativity Takes Courage

As defined by Wikipedia, creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object. 

Although keeping this creativity to yourself is like a common man doing his chore daily without having the guts for the world to take a peep at what he has created. 

After all, it takes courage to show your creativity. 

A Vibrant World

With billions of permutations and combinations, our genes have created 7.7 billion humans with a unique personality. Sure, there would be some overlaps of likes when random people are put together in a room. But to have 100% compatibility is a no-no. Even soul mates, identical twins would not have that quality, let alone best friends or a married couple.

When people choose to create something with their intellect while allowing their mind to be at rest: a piece that’s as precious as Mona Lisa or Alchemist, the novel or a COVID vaccine or Serenade by Mozart is presented to the world. 

To date, some have admired it, and some don’t. 

How many times have you often second-guessed yourself? Is your mind a swirling storm of contradictions and negativity? And then when you least expect it, your inner critic rears its ugly head, often very loud and mean. You have a fear of judgment that kept you playing small, forcing you to swallow your questions or ideas from one minute to the next?

Creativity is Intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

Here is a list of strategies you can put into action, one confident step at a time, when you have created something beautiful and want to showcase it to the world.  

Reframe your superpowers of creativity

You have created beautiful work; is it fair to keep it with you? Don’t you want to give it wings to fly? It’s just like when you give a bird flight; it’ll chirp and spread the music around. That music could be a melody for some, while some would frown upon it. To be able to see a mix of both is what creates a balance on this planet. Reframe your ideology, and embrace all forms of critics that come your way. 

Giving Voice to the Inner Gremlins

We often fuel our inner critic by fear and uncertainty. Our mind creates such useless dialogues within our organ, the brain, that many of us allow our manuscripts to gather dust, and eventually, dust mites eat them away. Our inner dialogue becomes a mash-up of limiting beliefs that keep us playing safe and free of harm. When we humanize our inner gremlins, we appreciate their value and break free of our ability to keep us stuck in the same pattern. 

Replace negative talk with encouraging words.

Connect with people who appreciate your work

The saying that like-minded people will always boost your confidence holds. Connect with them, allow them to beta read your work, take those suggestions, and try to improvise. 

Mind your Mind 

Reflect on your strengths and superpowers, and act with intention as you fine-tune your inner dialogue.

Always remember you’re the driver of your creativity. If you fall prey to your inner critic, you’ll be swirling down the drain endlessly with no chance of seeing the light any time of your life. Take control of the reins. You might hear the horse neigh over it, but you continue to keep those reins pulled. Pull them hard. Do some pep talk that will help dispel the mounting anxiety and uncertainty. The horse within will calm down and will be ready to take that step towards showcasing your work. 

On a personal note: I am a Biochemist turned self-published contemporary fictional writer with eight books. I have no formal training in writing. But I gather inspiration from society and write about issues that stalk a human’s mind while projecting each of my characters’ mental growth. With each book, I grow as a writer as I learn the tricks of writing. Even though my previous book would have the flaw (lack of POV, tell vs. show), I choose to shine a light on what I’ve accomplished in the past.

 Your superpowers are excellent armor and ammunition against that caustic inner voice. 

My two cents

Create what your Intelligence seeks. Your creativity gives you the confidence that serves the wings to fly, to soar high. 

  Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. 

Les Brown


This post comes from Rough Writer Ruchira Khanna

A Biochemist turned writer who gathers inspiration from the society where I write about issues that stalk the mind of the man via tales of fiction.

I blog at Abracabadra which has been featured as โ€œTop Blogโ€ for five years. Many of my write-ups have been published on LifeHack, HubPages to name a few.

I can be found at:

Twitter: @abracabadra01


  1. Wow! Gremlins and superpower in the one place we don’t always look – within. You have penned this to touch us all.

  2. “Reflect on your strengths and superpowers, and act with intention as you fine-tune your inner dialogue.”
    Such good advice, well phrased. Hard to argue with you, and yet- they’re off! Dang gremlins.

  3. Thanks Shepherd. Glad you found it useful.

  4. Simon says:

    Hello๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ! Hi! How was your last year?

    No matter how good or bad it is, forget your past, look forward, move forward keep going with a positive spirit, good things begin from inside and it is YOU the Light could make this 2021 a beautiful year. May this new year filled with Joy and Happiness every single day๐Ÿ’ Wish you and your family Happy New Year 2021๐Ÿฅณ

    With Love
    Simon & Nisha

  5. Hi Ruchira

    I love to read. (My writing is about the books I read; FF is about the only fiction I write. Charli says I’m a “literary artist”!).

    I liked your blog about writers & creativity.
    This is going to add a wonderful depth to my reading, an appreciation for the writer’s creativity and imagination.
    And I may even end up reading genres other than my most favorite – sci fi & fantasy.

    All the best for the days ahead.
    Thank you!


  6. Biochemistry! Woot woot! Chemical engineer here, but I do the monoclonal antibodies so it’s like… biochemical engineer, really.

    I think it’s great you included scientific creativity in the article. It’s too often overlooked!

  7. Jules says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I have always been a creative person. Even when I didn’t have support. Blogging and sharing my writing has given me courage to continue to write serials which may turn into something, maybe a completed work? I’ve enjoyed (and enjoy) using prompts to move it forward.
    Though there are some segments I’ve written without any prompts.

    I also have several different creative avenues such as small crafts some of which I’ve sold. Some that I’ve gifted.

    May we all continue to expand our horizons. Cheers, Jules

    • Thank you Jules for the read and comment. I am in awe of your diverse creativity, and I wish you luck.
      Cheers to a creative year where we all continue to expand our horizons.

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