Saddle Up Saloon; Howdy, Kerry E. B. Black

Written by D. Avery @shiftnshake

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January 3, 2021

“Ya know Kid, this here saloon thet Shorty set up fer us has been a lotta fun.”

“Sure has, Pal. I’ve injoyed the other fictional characters that come through.”

“Yep. An’ I’ve injoyed the real folks have come through an’ taken the stage, those thet read fer Five at the Mic, an’ the writers an’ other artists thet come by ta tell us ‘bout their work.”

“Well then yer gonna be happy ‘bout our first guest a the new year, Pal.”

“Who is it?”




“Someone I’ve heard of?”


“Gimme more hints.”

Herd of Nightmares.”

“Course I’ve heard of nightmares, Kid. Heck, I bunk with one.”

“Ha, ha Pal. Okay… Fairy Herds and Mythscapes.”

“Herds a fairies? Are you misspeakin’ Kid? Jist tell me all ready who this week’s guest is.”

“This week’s guest is none other than long time Rancher an’ Rough Writer Kerry E. B. Black.”

“Yeehaw! Thet one kin sure wrangle a 99 word story.”

“Yep. Hey, here she is now. Howdy Kerry! Welcome ta the Saddle Up Saloon.”

“Hello Kid, hello Pal.”

“Kerry E. B. Black! Yeah, I recognize ya from aroun’ the ranch!”

“And I recognize you Pal. But yes, I was browsing Word Press about four and a half years ago and stumbled upon Carrot Ranch, and what a happy circumstance! I look forward to the weekly challenges, of course, but even more, I enjoy the support and encouragement found at the Ranch. Charli’s warmth permeates everything, and I truly love it there.”

“Yep, the Ranch is a real fine place, full a good folks. An’ it’s growin’ an’ takin’ shape like a prize heifer. Hard ta b’lieve we jist finished up the fourth Carrot Ranch Rodeo! Thet’s been loads a fun.”

 “It sure has, Pal. I can tell you, serving as a Rodeo Head this latest Writing Rodeo was my honor and pleasure!”

“Well, it’s our honor an’ pleasure ta have ya here at the Saddle Up, Ms. Black. If ya found Carrot Ranch through browsing Word Press I’m thinkin’ this ain’t yer first rodeo, so ta speak. Asides from yer contributions here at the Ranch, what other writin’ d’ya do?”

“I blog at the Allusionary Assemblywhere you can find flash fiction, poetry, and book reviews. I started blogging around 2010 when a writing group at the local library explained the importance of social media for any writer. But for as long as I can remember, I’ve always written. When quite small (Kindergarten, I think), I used to produce plays in my bedroom using my large collection of stuffed animals as the cast. However, if you asked elementary school me what I’d be when I grew up, I’d have doubtless told you a Fairy Princess Tap dancing actress horse trainer superhero jockey who saved dolphins. Or something like that. Then again, I was the kind of kid who wore her tutu and tiara to play tackle football with the bigger kids.”

“Mebbe thet little-kid-you heps ya ta write.”

“Maybe Pal! I did study journalism at Penn State University and worked for Gannett Publications for a while. However, my passion lies in creative writing.”

“Have ya writ any books?”

“Jeez Pal, didn’tcha git my allusions ta some a her titles? Herd of NightmaresFairy Herds and Mythscapes…?”

“Oh! Yep, I have heard a those, an’ heard a Carousel of Nightmares. Seems kinda spooky ta me.”

“I’m an eclectic writer, Pal, but most of what I’ve sold is light horror. As an ardent fan of the genre, that’s cool with me. A number of years ago, some very talented friends began a creative non-fiction essay project called “A Year of Letters”, and I learned much by participating with them. I’ve written poetry, a young adult paranormal thriller novel called Season of Secrets and published several short story collections. To date, I think I have over one hundred short stories published in various lit mags, ezines, and anthologies, many of which are available through Amazon.”

“Whoa! Thet’s a lot! Would ya consider yersef ta be a plotter or a pantser?”

“I’m a bit of a hybrid as far as plotter/pantser. I always know where my story begins and where it ultimately will conclude. I’m often sketchy on the details of HOW, though. I write almost every day, even if the result is just a few hundred words. Like any skill, writing can improve or atrophy depending on how much effort is put into its development.”

“Reckon so, Kerry. But yer certainly gittin’ the job done. Fairy Herds and Mythscapes is one a the good things ta come outta 2020.”

“Thank you Kid. Yes, My latest collection of short stories, Fairy Herds and Mythscapes, explores and reinterprets international fairy tales and myths.”

“Cool. Thinkin’ our writer’d like thet.”

“Yep, Pal, she’s readin’ it now. Kerry, not ta judge by the cover or anythin’, but it’s a good lookin’ book.”

“Thank you again, Kid. My incredibly talented brother Chris Blickenderfer created the cover art. Chris also made the cover art for Herd of Nightmares, a collection of short scares that won a TAZ (The Author Zone) award. (I’m so thrilled!) Because of the amazing cover art, I’ve launched a line of “merch” (as my ten year old would call it.) My Night Mares march out as stickers, magnets, book marks, t-shirts, and even a “magic pillow” and adorable socks! Heck, there are even tree ornaments with the equine beauties! All of these beauties – and of course the books, too – can be found at .”

“That’s so cool. Ya must be pleased an’ proud a them fine books. An’ merch.”

“Yes and I’m so excited! Early next year, Tree Shadow Press is releasing my middle grade novel.” 

“Whoa! Congratulations. What’s it about, Kerry?”

“This book is about a young girl coming to terms with the death of a loved one. It has a touch of magical realism to it, and I hope it will touch those who read it.” 

“Jeez! I mean congratulations. But jeez, ya must be writin’ all the time, no time fer anythin’ else!”

“Ha! I do find time for my family and for reading. Two of our five children are still living at home. The others are pursuing higher educations or matrimonial bliss. We love to travel when we can. There’s nothing quite like exploring this amazing world of ours! We’re also Disney fanatics. If I could go anywhere, I’d visit Anne’s Avonlea, Lucy’s Narnia, Harry’s Hogwarts. I’d delight in Elizabeth’s wit and William’s romanticism. Reading is my escape and my refuge. Always.”

“We ‘preciate that you’d travel ta see fictional characters an’ their settings.”

“Yes.  And I have some favorite authors, including Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, Jane Austin, J.K. Rowling, and C.S. Lewis. Authors are my Rock Stars! It pleases me immeasurably to thank an author whose work kept me company. I attend as many author book signings and lectures as I can as a result.”

“I like that. What’re ya readin’ right now?”

“I’m presently reading a collection of Charles Dickens’ Ghost Stories for myself. The kids and I are reading book four of the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. (Excellent series!) I’m first-pass editing a friend’s murder mystery, and I’m reading an ARC for review. As for what I’m writing, I’m at a difficult point in a novel/novella, and I don’t feel equal to torturing the poor characters at the moment. It’s a necessity for the story, mind you, and will need to happen if the book is to be a book. However, I think it may be a project for the new year.”

“You’ll git it figgered out. Yer all about readin’ an’ writin’!”

“An’ fam’ly, Kid. D’ya have other innerests, Kerry?”

“Other arts I’ve pursued, with varying degrees of success, include sketching, painting, needlework and sewing, illuminations, and metal work.”

“Metal work? Thet could be pretty handy fer a rancher. D’ya shoe horses too?”

“You might be thinking heavy metal, Pal. My metal work was jewelry making mostly, but they ended up as clunky pieces. I also helped cast coins and medallions.”

“Thet’s cool, Kerry. Yer all kinds a artist fer sure.”

“I guess so, Pal. However, much to my chagrin, I acknowledge I’m a better art appreciator than art creator. But the kids and I craft. As a teen, I taught Tae Kwon Do. Occasionally I force my old, arthritic, out-of-shape body from the comforts of domesticity to teach a women’s self-defense class or two. And, yes, Pal, I’m blessed to have an amazing family, and I love spending as much time with them as I can.”

“Well, thank you again fer spendin’ time with us here at the Saddle Up.”

“Yep, it was real good gittin’ ta know ya, an’ we sure wish ya well with ever’thin’, includin’ thet latest book. Let us know how thet goes fer ya.”

“I sure will Pal. Thank you for having me!”

Kerry E. B. Black writes from an over-stuffed little house in the land where Romero’s dead roamed. She has long loved words and entices them to create tales both fanciful and true. Hailing from a small suburb situated along a fog – enshrouded river outside of a City of Steel and Bridges, Kerry incorporates Yankee sensibilities and a strong work ethic into every project. Her children think she’s dull, and their dog agrees, but the family cats, Poe and Hemingway, feel differently. The felines find a kinship with their nocturnal buddy and encourage Kerry to write. Some of Kerry’s works have crept into anthologies and literary journals. She writes for Games Omniverse and is a proud Rough Writer at Carrot Ranch. This one time participant of the One Year of Letters project also served as a first reader for Postcard Poems and Prose. Some of her published works have appeared in online journals and in anthologies available at Amazon.



Kerry Blogs at Allusionary Assembly.

If asked, Pal & Kid will deny that they spill from the pen of D. Avery. They claim to be free ranging characters who live and work at Carrot Ranch and now serve up something more or less fresh every Monday at the Saddle Up Saloon. If you or your characters are interested in saddling up to take the stage as a saloon guest, contact them via

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  1. Norah

    Kerry is a very accomplished and multi-talented well-published writer. It’s great to see her interviewed here at the Ranch.

    • D. Avery @shiftnshake

      Yep, she took the stage. It was fun getting to know Kerry better. I’m enjoying the fractured fairytales in “Fairy Herds and Mythscapes” just now. In the opening one the woman who manages to get time with a jinni and demand her wish then only wishes for only enough money to keep her three children fed and clothed and schooled as she was “tired of struggling to provide the most basic of needs”. I thought that was funny/not funny for the mc to wish for such.

      • Norah

        I’d better have a read. The theme for the Share Your Story Anthology this year is fractured fairy tales. I need some inspiration. 🙂

  2. D. Avery @shiftnshake

    Reblogged this on ShiftnShake and commented:

    Heard of the Saddle Up Saloon? This week it’s where you can visit with authorbloggermothermartialartistmetalworkerandmore Kerry E. B. Black. Come by and say howdy!

  3. Chel Owens

    Hello, Kerry! I also have five kids so you’ve given me hope for a writing future when fewer of them are still at home. 🙂 I enjoyed reading about you.

    • D. Avery @shiftnshake

      Keep writing Chel! I’m glad you were inspired by Kerry.

    • Kerry E.B. Black

      How lovely to “meet” a fellow mom and writer! Be sure to allow some “you” time every day so you can grow your writing. J.K. Rowling advises us to ferociously guard our writing time. It is good advice.

      • Chel Owens

        😀 Seems like everyone advises I make sure to make time for everything! I’ll work on the ferocious guarding, though!

  4. Jules

    What a fun read to find out more about another fine Rough Writer!!
    Continued success Kerry!

  5. Kerry E.B. Black

    Reblogged this on Allusionary Assembly and commented:
    D. Avery allowed her characters Pal and Kid to interview me in her Saloon. It was such fun!

  6. H.R.R. Gorman

    Good to meet you, Kerry! 🙂 And I doubt your children actually find you boring.

    • Kerry E.B. Black

      It’s very nice to meet you, too, and as to the kiddos, Here’s hoping!

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