“Hey Kid. Another manic Monday. What ya got lined up fer this week?”

“Hey there, Pal. This week thought we’d run a quiz show outta the Saloon. Folks kin play along an’ answer the questions.”

“Thet soun’s like a trivial pursuit, Kid. Thinkin’ ya jist give up pursuin’ better options.”

“Mebbe, or mebbe you could be more open ta tryin’ new things. Oh, that could be a question: Who’s the ornery one, Kid or Pal? Naw, too easy, it’s clearly you.”

“Hmmf. Okay, here’s one: Which a us is most likely ta make a mess a things, Kid or Pal? Nope, cain’t use thet, it’s way too easy, don’t wanna assault folks’ ‘telligence.”

“Seriously, Pal, let’s get a quiz t’gether. Folks like qizzes.”

“Folks hate quizzes! Ya might trigger some a ‘em, Kid, stress ‘em out.”

“It’s jist fer fun, Pal. Like ya said, trivial. An’, it’s a open blog quiz.”

“All right, what d’ya got?”

1) Who did Wanda leave Ernie for in her debut scene?

a. Pepe LeGume

b. Pal

c. Will

d. Slim Chance

e. All of the above

2) When Ernie was running his still again, making ‘Corn-U-Cope-Ya’ll’, his homebrewed antiseptic lotion with aloe, who was hunkered down sewing masks en masse?

a. Pal and Kid

b. Kid and Doc Ranger

c. Nanjo Castille and Monreal Dorb

d. Shorty and Aussie 

e. None of the above

3) Where did Kid hide the Rainbow cat?

a. In the barn

b. In the poet tree

c. Under a hat

d. At the Saloon

e. All of the above

4) Where is Carrot Ranch World Headquarters?

a. Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

b. Beijing

c. Reno, Nevada

d. Hancock, Michigan

e. Wannabe, Wisconsin

5) A chapfaeries are…

a. western fairies who wear chaps and just want to be the center of everything

b. little cowboy in chaps

c. mischievous and fun fairies that got loose in the saloon

d. the creation of Keweenaw artist Toj

e. all of the above

6) Frankie, the mail carrying character that was appropriated from Charli Mills, rides a horse named…

a. Clarice

b. Loggatha

c. Tip

d. Burt  

e. None of the above

7) There is a poet tree at Carrot Ranch and a second one at the Saloon, grown from a rooted cutting. Where is the third (known) poet tree?

a. Roberts Street Writery

b. World Headquarters

c. Charli’s backyard

d. All of the above

8) When Tip and Top Lemmon aren’t helping Kid and Pal with ranch chores, what do they do for fun?

a. They dance

b. They prance

c. They dress up in stilettos

d. They glisten

e. All of the above

9) The Saddle Up Saloon has featured which of the following?

a. karaoke, sort of

b. visual artists

c. writer/blogger interviews

d. fictional characters

e. Five at the Mic readings

f. recipe sharing

g. book promotions

h. friends of yours

i. all of the above

10) If you want to see more of something or if you have ideas for the Saloon, including being a guest yourself, you can:

a. Leave a message for Kid and Pal in the comments

b. Contact their writer at shiftnshake@dslayton.com

c. Send a message via Frankie

d. Tie a note to Curly’s tail

e. All of the above

“Okay. Thet quiz’ll do. So, how ya gonna collect the answers, Kid?”

“But it’s jist fer fun, Pal.”

“No way, ya gotta have a answer sheet an’ ya gotta correct the responses.”

“Okay, anyone who wants kin either put their answers in the comments, jist the number an’ letter an’ if they don’t wanna be public, they kin keep track themsefs.”

“Ya gotta let folks know how they did, Kid. Are there prizes fer top scores?”

“But it’s jist fer fun.”


“Okay, after a bit I’ll put the answer sheet in the comments. But anyone who gits through our schtick  is a winner, Pal. So if yer a winner, guess what yer prize is? A guest spot at the Saddle Up Saloon! Jist notify us that yer a winner at shiftnshake@dslayton.com an’ we kin set somethin’ up. Congratulations in advance an’ thanks fer playin’.”


“Phew. How’d ya think that went Pal?”

“Eh… it might not be yer lamest, Kid, but close. We’ll see. Mebbe folks do like quizzes. An’ mebbe you should try plannin’ more.”

“Gotta git people ta take the stage, Pal, otherwise it’s more a me wingin’ it. Anne Goodwin’s comin’ back soon, an’ Colleen Chesebro, an’ Ann Edall-Robson.”

“Kid, I think the mic is still on…”

“Shoulda asked, ‘which character’s best equipped fer a pop quiz?’ It’s Pepe, git it?”

“The mic?”

“Hey, Pal, how about a pet show? Mebbe stupid human tricks. We kin ask folks ta send us a picture a somethin’ their pet has trained ‘em ta do. Like Charli Mills now snuggle-naps on Mause’s command.”

“Mebbe, Kid, but check the mic.”

“What? Yeah. Let’s try that. But it cain’t work if folks don’t hep out an’ send a picture a them an’ their pet. Curly’s got me trained real good, yep, she snorts an’ I’m at attenshun, seein’ what she wants. I fetch purty good fer that little pig.”

“Kid. The mic.”

“Oh! Shi—”


Seriously folks, let’s git some photos sent ta shiftnshake@dslayton.com so’s we kin feature a Stupid Human Tricks Pet Show or somethin’ like thet. Tell us who or what else ya might like ta see featured at the Saddle Up. We ain’t goin’ anywhere’s soon, so ya might’s well join us.

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