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Saddle Up Saloon; Secon’ Art Showin’

“Whoa! What’s goin’ on Kid? I ‘spect ya ta be whiny an’ even cheesy, but didn’t ‘spect ya ta be servin’ wine an’ cheese so fancy like here at the Saddle Up Saloon.”

“It’s what ya do at art shows Pal. An’ this week we’re showin’ art; I roped a few visual artists inta sharin’ their work here at the saloon.”

“Thet’s great Kid.”

“Yep, we got some great work ta show, some artists ya mighta met here last June, an’ a couple a first timers. Done turned the Saloon inta a gallery. You an’ me Pal, we’ll jist git outta the way and keep cuttin’ cheese. Jist gonna let folks wander ‘roun, enjoy the sights an’ they kin chit chat an’ comment down below.”

“Hmmf.  So… no innerviews?”

“Not this time Pal, jist gonna let the art speak fer itself. Though some a the artists have a bit a literary art ta accompany their visual art.”

“Soun’s real nice Kid.”

“Yep. There’s jist one thing….”


“Shorty’s uncle is somewhere aroun’ the Saloon. She said we should keep an eye out fer ‘im. Uncle Bernie? But I’m sure he’ll be fine. Now let’s step back an’ let folks see this installation.”

Bridal Bouquet by Bonnie Sheila

Bonnie Sheila is a quiller from the faraway island of Nantucket. More of her work can be found at crescentsandcoils. You might remember her visit at the Saloon last June.

From the Garden by Bonnie Sheila

“I recall Bonnie Sheila the quiller. She’s branchin’ out with this art form. An’ I ‘member this next artist. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. She was in the first art showin’ too. I think we’ll be seein’ more a her aroun’ here.”

“Yep. Don’tcha love her watercolors?”

The sun’s reflection
Shines in a sidewalk puddle
The lens adds one more.

Ocean breezes blow
Blue canopy flips and snaps
Pure relaxation.

“Beautiful. Kid, was thet her haikuin’ too?”

“Yep. She’s all kindsa artist.”

“Now what’s this? Why’s there a dog at the art show?”

“Look agin, Pal. That’s a handcrafted needle-felted sculpture by Vermont artist Sharon Somers. You should see her stuff.”

“Oh, shift that reminds me. Uncle Bernie!”

“Is that a heartfelt piece?”

“No, Pal, that’s Shorty’s Uncle Bernie. Visitin’ her daughter, looks like.”

“Hmmf. Thought he was stuffed. I wanna see more a this felt sculpture.”

“Well here’s a couple more, an’ ya kin always go to Heartfelt ta see even more.”

“Thet’s really cool, what she does with felt.”

“Yep. She kin do them sculptures up from a photograph.”

“Amazin’. Hey Kid, look’t these pictures!”

“Pal, ya know Jules Paige, the Ranch’s own Poet Lariat?”

“Yep, sure do.”

“Well these here photographs are from her. An’ a course she added haiku.”

brief respite from blues
positive thoughts blossom free
relaxing  strong for strength


present reflections
living in precious moments
details bring delight

“Now what’s this, Kid? Which is the sculpture? An’ is thet one on the right anuther a them felt sculptures?”

“That’s Uncle Bernie again. He’s visitin’ Shorty’s other daughter, the dancer an’ choreographer. Hmm. Uncle Bernie ain’t got the pose down.”

“Mebbe she’s s’posed ta be stretchin’ like he is. Leftward leanin’ upward facin’ down dirty dawgs pose.”

“Mebbe. But let’s check out the next artist. Another rancher, an’ columnist, Susan Spitulnik.”

“The quilter!”


This quilt is called a sampler because each block is a different well known pattern. I made this as a sample for a Beginner Quilting class I taught in which the students learn the techniques to piece squares, triangles, and other shapes using a quarter inch seam. I then donated it to a local charity for one of their annual auctions.

This is just one of many patriotic quilts I have made. I gave it to Joe Mele who is a friend and member of the Rochester Veterans Writing Group. He is writing his parents’ love story using the original letters his father wrote home during WWII.

I made this t-shirt quilt as a high school graduation gift for my neice using her sports t-shirts that’s why there are repeat numbers. The band-aid fabric represents the fact she went on to college to study nursing.

“Wow, Kid, thet Susan Spitulnik’s as generous as she’s talented. Them quilts a hers warm in more’n one way.”

“I know what’cha mean, Pal. Yep. Sue Spitulnik is a regular Ranch Hand. When she’s not participating in the weekly Carrot Ranch challenges or preparing her Veteran’s Stories guest column she can be found sewing in her home studio.”

“Well I sure am glad she found time ta share her art here at the Saloon agin.”

“Me too Pal.”

“Ya got any more art hangin’ aroun’?”

“That’s it fer this showin’. Oh. What now?

If Charli Mills thinks that scrapin’ some nutmeg inta a French Press whilst campin’ is an art form…

uh, Pal, is it art?”

“Sure Kid, why not? An’ least ways she’s got track a thet uncle a hers.”

“Phew. Well Kid, ya made it through anuther Monday.”

“Yep. I enjoyed the art show but Charli’s uncle’s a bit of a handful. Has he always been aroun’ here?”

“Yep. Look:

“Huh. Never noticed him before.”

“Sure. He goes ta all the rodeos.”

“Huh. Hey Pal, we didn’t do so good ’bout stayin’ outta the way a the art showin’.”

“‘Cuz you have trouble keepin’ yer yap shut. But if I ain’t mistaken, ya did cut the cheese.”

“Mebbe. Shift! The dang mic is still on. I always fergit th—

If asked, Pal & Kid will deny that they spill from the pen of D. Avery. They claim to be free ranging characters who live and work at Carrot Ranch and now serve up something more or less fresh every Monday at the Saddle Up Saloon. If you or your characters are interested in saddling up to take the stage as a saloon guest, contact them via


  1. It really is nice to see all this wonderful art work. I know that Sue is a quilter and she creates beautiful designs, but I haven’t seen art works for the other contributors before.

  2. Norah says:

    What amazing artwork. Such talented creatives.
    That Uncle Bernie keeps popping up where he’s not expected. Could get embarrassing.

    • Yep, there’s some good stuff hanging in the Saloon!

      Trust me, there’s way more embarassing folk than Bernie Sanders. Photo shopping is apparently Ms. Mill’s artistic distraction.

  3. Jules says:

    hm… Sumthin’ a little fishy about Uncle Bernie 😉

    Glad I could see some more wonderful art from Carrot Ranchers. Kid and Pal come up with a whole bunch a good ideas for sharing the wealth of talent that abounds. Glad I could bring some art to the party too…

    Oooh is that virtual brie cheese and crackers… Yum! ~Jules

  4. Liz H says:

    Oh! This was very fun & I love all the different ways Ranchers and family express their creative selves!
    Kept expectin’ Pepe ta show up, what with all thet cheese cuttin,’ goin’ on…

    • Ha! Pepe was kept busy with the valet parking. (Be glad you left the Lexus at home)
      I’m glad/relieved you found this fun.One thing I was certain of was the creativity of the artists.

  5. Reblogged this on Crescents and Coils and commented:

    Bonnie Sheila is at the Saloon again!

  6. Thank you to all the artists that participated in this, the second Saloon showing. If you would like to be in the third one, just send me a couple of pictures!

    I would like to start a garden tour from the Saloon, but as there is only the Poet Tree offshoot in the back, I will need audience participation. For the Garden Tour send a couple of pictures and captions. You could also show and tell more at your own site leave a link to it for a more complete tour.

    Contact me at with questions and ideas for the Saloon. Take the stage!

  7. Hi D.
    Beautiful art … wonderful artists … great blog!


  8. Dear Dee,

    Much obliged, Ma’am, for including me and my art in this secon’ showing. 😀 I love seein’ the other artwork as well.

    Shalom y’all,


  9. Wonderful art work and love the Bernie!

    • Thank you Sherri. I enjoy the art showin’s.
      Say… do you garden? Scroll up in the comments to see how you can participate in a Saddle Up Saloon garden tour. All we need are pictures. And location. And links if you wish.

      • It’s wonderful seeing such a wonderful collection of talented and beautiful art and crafts on display here. D, I love to garden! I’ll ping you over a couple of pics with captions – when you do need them by?

  10. Charli Mills says:

    I enjoy these art shows at the Saloon! Mighty fine cheese, except I think I smelled goat. Maybe that was just Kid…

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