Saddle Up Saloon; Howdy Reena Saxena!

Written by D. Avery @shiftnshake

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July 12, 2021

“Hey Kid. Where ya been?”

“Been aroun’ the world an’ back Pal!”

“Sure hope ya got someone ta take the stage this week.”

“Yep, sure did! Here she is now. Howdy Reena Saxena! Welcome ta the Saddle Up Saloon.”

“Hello Kid. Hello Pal. Thank you for having me.”

“Whoa, Kid, Reena Saxena? She’s been writin’ aroun’ here fer a long time!”

“That’s right, Pal. I entered Carrot Ranch sometime in 2016. Poetry comes naturally to me, but I always thought I couldn’t write fiction. The non-fiction heads that you see on the menu of my blog are the ones I started with, but did not make much headway in gaining views or followers.

Then, the creative bug struck and I started pouring out whatever came to mind, in response to writing prompts. It helped to refine my writing skills and learn new formats. I discovered that I could easily write 100-300 word stories, if not a novel. These are slices of life, rather than a journey from beginning to end.”

“Well we’re sure glad ya tried yer hand at flash fiction, Reena. We’ve always enjoyed yer stories here at the Ranch.”

“Thank you, Kid. The Carrot Ranch is interesting, because I have to stop one word short of 100. Of late, I find that I start writing, and then find that the word count is exactly 99 as needed. Universal energy flows my way. I don’t change anything after that, though there may be flaws in the storyline or flow.”

“Ha! I know of a few folks that’ve got honed inta the 99 word count. D’ya ever go back ta them stories an’ do somethin’ dif’rent with ‘em? Or d’ya use the 99 word restrictions in yer other writin’?”

“Stories change every time one hears or reads it, and change again when the reader changes. The stories I write here have come from somewhere in my neural pathways, which keep changing. Yes, I’ve used part of the stories in social media posts to make an impact.

My work of fiction “When Time Stopped” starts with a flash I wrote here on WordPress. The story is carried ahead into metaphysical realms.

 I usually go with a 100 word limit, not 99. Those pieces, if tagged correctly, are easily searchable on the internet.”

“Ya got a fav’rite genre?”

“As far as genres that I write in, I’m still on a journey. I am a former banker, coach, image consultant, writer, artist, feminist and all of that finds a way into my blogs and books. Each subject demands a different style.

I started blogging with quotes from the masters, and links to scholarly articles. I received feedback that I need to relax, and make the style more conversational and engaging. Quora happened on the way, and I was chosen Quora Top Writer in 2018. Writing fiction and poetry on WordPress helped me improvise writing on other platforms. This is a learning ground to practise skills. 

Of late, I’m doing the scripts for online learning videos, which need a lot of storytelling and storyboarding. I’ll be immodest enough to say that I’ve come a long way.

My books that you’ll find on Amazon are fiction, poetry and banking.”

“Wow, yer mighty versatile, Reena.

The ebooks on my site MoneyGoalz are all the psychological side of personal finance.

I discovered I’m a writer at the core, and I choose creative writing, videos or finance as a platform to express the inner demons.

I’m sure I’ll manage to write a novel some day 🙂 There are so many stories inside me, which need to be sewed up in a garment, rather than a patchwork quilt.”

“Wouldn’t be at all s’prised ta see ya publish novels. Yer a woman on fire!”

“Actually, that’s another project! I am one of five Fiery Females  who started the blog SacredCircleforWomen.

Feminism is at the core of my being. I’ve shunned stereotypes all my life, and fought battles to be treated as an individual with a right to make a choice.

I found myself in a group of women from different countries and diverse backgrounds. We meet online once in a week, and found that feminism binds us all in a common thread. 

We bring to the table a pool of talent on coaching, writing, hypnotherapy, finance, digital marketing and content writing. We are on a constant look out for women who are willing to speak, write to share their journeys and insights. It can be any aspect of a woman’s existence and mindset. Feminism is a very small part of the package.

Women reading this are invited to blog, share videos on our platform or be interviewed.”

“Well, thank ya very much fer thet invite an fer sharin’ more ‘bout yersef.”

“Yep, thanks fer comin’ by Reena!”

“Thank you. Follow me on 


I keep lurking around here on, and that is how most of you know me.

“Well thanks agin fer lettin’ us git ta know ya better.”

If asked, Pal & Kid will deny that they spill from the pen of D. Avery. They claim to be free ranging characters who live and work at Carrot Ranch and now serve up something more or less fresh every Monday at the Saddle Up Saloon. If you or your characters are interested in saddling up to take the stage as a saloon guest, contact them via

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  1. Norah

    How lovely to get to know a little more about Reena here in the Saloon. I’ve always enjoyed reading her 99-word responses to Charli’s prompts. But now I’m envious – I wish those bundles of 99 words would flow so easily for me too. Good luck with your novel, Reena.

    • Reena Saxena

      Thank you so much, Norah!

  2. Reena Saxena

    Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:
    Thanks to D.Avery from Carrot Ranch to do this feature with me….

  3. Reena Saxena

    Thank you so much, D.Avery! Great to be featured here ??????????

    • D. Avery @shiftnshake

      Thank you! It is good to share your many works!

  4. suespitulnik

    Nice to get to know you better Reena. I thoroughly enjoy telling my local writer friends that I have international friends as well. Your book on money lessons of the pandemic looks very intriguing. Thanks for hanging out at the Ranch with us.

    • Reena Saxena

      Glad to know you browsed the site. I’ll send you a pdf, if you share your email id. Thanks 🙂

  5. Charli Mills

    Reena, I’ve always found such depth in your fiction writing and now I have a better insight as to why. You are an intriguing blend of interests, skills, and talents. You are part of an amazing group of women at Sacred Circle for Women.

    It pleases me that you honor the 99-words when they flow exact onto the page. How true that it captures the neuropathways of the moment and is thus perfect in that sense. Of course, you are always free to change your words and your mind, but I like the idea of capturing the raw art in that moment. You express true creative courage in your writing.

    Great interview, Kid & Pal!

    • Reena Saxena

      Thanks a ton, Charli! I enjoy the challenge and the stories you share about life in the Keweenaw. I confess inability to relate to it at times, coming from a different geography, but that makes it all the more interesting.

      It takes a lot of skill to pick up something from your daily life and weave it into a challenge or literary piece.

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