Today, Finlandia University is giving away free pie. No, it’s not yet another regional snow festival. It’s not a fundraiser for the local fire department or a student hall community builder. It’s Pi Day.

We can do the math at Carrot Ranch. After all, we count to 99 every week.

Pi Day occurs on March 14 (3/14) every year and is based on the Greek letter pi (representing the ongoing number, 3.14). It has to do with circles and infinity. Pi is a number that sounds like it could be on an epic story in any mathematician’s journey.

And that brings me to a fun observation — colleges like to be both studious and hilarious. So, why not celebrate Pi Day with Free Pie? Students need the cheer. The snow continues despite the evenings extending daylight. Covid protocols lessen but continue. Midterm grades are posted and studies grow intense. Free Pie will add some smiles.

If I made pie this time of year, likely it’d be raspberry or peach because those are the summer fruits I freeze. I’d make great big pies the size of wagon wheels and share them with all of you to celebrate the way math and stories come full circle. Cheer to cherries in pastry and the continuation of Pi.

Plans are still under development at Carrot Ranch. What I can tell you today, is that the Saddle Up Saloon will return on April 1 as Carrot Ranch’s stage for stories, instruction, and games. I’m currently working on the editorial calendar and designing a Cowsino (don’t worry Pal, we are only installing a single one-armed bandit in the Saloon).

For today, let’s be grateful for even the smallest joy and share pie.

March 14, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about free pie. What kind of pie and freedom? Who is involved with pies? How is it free? Go where the prompt leads!

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