Looking Back, Growing Forward  

We all are one, yet so different from each other.

Our present is shaped based on our past, and our choices shape today. Memories keep us company on dull days. They can either choose to make us edgy or excite us. 

All individuals have a story to tell. This story could be a laugh-out-loud incident or a tear-jerker one or inspire the listener. 

Either way, it’s unique since your emotions are entwined around it. 

Why don’t we give ourselves some ‘me-time’ and pen it down? 

Aah! the things writing can do!

  1. Overcoming Trauma
  2. Discovering your inner self: Dialogues with the Soul
  3. Journaling into a creative story

Overcoming Trauma

We are such intelligent souls that we faced the brunt when life threw lemons at us. Many of us got bruised along the way. 

No doubt, we got hit by the lemons, but eventually, we learned to make lemonade out of it and fought our battles.  

This applies to going back in memory lane and penning down our journey where we overcame a physical, mental or emotional trauma. Now, our fight could inspire many out there. So, with that mindset, suit up and go back into those dark, grimy lanes, which can make you nauseous. Surprisingly, when you pen down those details, you too will heal from it. Writing has such magical power that it can outlive a magic wand. 

“You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.” — Unknown. 

Discovering your inner self: Dialogues with the Soul

The title was inspired by the poem, A Dialogue Between the Soul and the Body by Andrew Marvell. Here the poet describes the conflict between the human body and the human Soul. Each attributes its troubles and sufferings to the other. 

Now, I don’t want to highlight the exchange of words between the enslaved Soul versus the bolts of bones. 

Instead, let’s ponder the exchange of dialogues between our minds and the intellect when we deal with emotional, mental, or physical pain. 

Our mind is known as the pirate, which can cause turbulence within ourselves. Thank heavens’ our intellect takes over and helps with the reasoning for the latter to curb its thoughts. 

There must have been junctures in our lives where our intellect has had dialogues with the Soul. The consciousness then signals the body to act accordingly. And those are the turning points in our lives. 

Pen them! 

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” — Will Rogers.

Journaling into a creative story

Every story has a sweet and a sour element to it. After all, it’s the life that all humans are living. 

You have been brave enough to dig up all your past’s emotional and mental debris. You can either choose to add a fictional character or give it your name. 

Give it wings and let it fly. 

Life has given us the tools to achieve wellness within and around us; however, it’s up to every individual how they can piece it together. 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

? Maya Angelou

About the Author

Ruchira Khanna is an indie author and an energy healer. She draws inspiration from the issues that stalk our minds and she addresses them through her tales of fiction. Her characters undergo a contemplative arc she hopes her readers will, which is why they classify each of her novels as, “one that will make you ponder.”


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  1. D. Avery @shiftnshake

    So good to see you taking the stage, Ruchira! And I love your title/topic. There’s so much power in stories, they are the cairns of our lives and histories. I appreciate your reminders of how stories can empower and strengthen us, the stories we hear and tell, read and write and that we can help ourselves and others through story. Write on!

    • explorereikiworld

      Writing is therapeutic and what better way to heal than one’s own reasoning from within.
      Thanks for your encouraging comment, Avery.

  2. suespitulnik

    Thank you for sharing this, Ruchira. Anyone that is familiar with my memoir writing knows my mother passed away after a long illness while I was a senior in high school. I made a concentrated effort to not let myself use that trauma as an excuse for some of my life decisions. It was about eight years ago when a new friend said to me, “Do you realize how much power that even had over your life?” She and I discussed it and I had a fresh understanding to look back with. Sometimes it takes another’s involvement to see the reality and power of personal pain.

    • explorereikiworld

      First off, I applaud you for taking the first step, Sue. That requires lots of courage! Then onwards, the Universe is kind and leads the way. By writing that memoir, you must have shed lots of emotional baggage, which would have left you leaving at least 5 pounds lighter 🙂


      • suespitulnik

        Ah, five pounds lighter whether metaphorically or in reality is a blessing.

  3. Michael B. Fishman

    This was a good column. I’m not sure I believe this: “go back into those dark, grimy lanes, which can make you nauseous. Surprisingly, when you pen down those details, you too will heal from it.”, but I’m willing to give it a try.

    • explorereikiworld

      That’s what a therapist would ask you to do, “go back into those dark grimy lanes.”
      Then why not muscle up, and do it ourselves!!

  4. Norah

    Journaling can certainly be helpful, Ruchira. I have used it more in some parts of my life than in others but it’s good to know the opportunity is always there.

    • explorereikiworld

      Thanks Norah for your vote of confidence.

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