Aanii, Carrot Ranchers!

I’m looking for the light within the technical tunnel that is Word Press. After system-wide updates, I can no longer access your stories in a formatted form. Think, 99-word run-ons! Oh, my!

I contacted the Happiness Engineers, who are light workers, indeed. However, they are puzzled because they didn’t know this edit feature existed, let alone that I rely upon it to gather stories from the hopper. I assured them the edit feature has existed since 2014.

Right now, the Oh, My Collection is incomplete because the change happened midway through. I will likely have to figure out a new system unless Word Press offers a fix. I do know of a workaround but I deleted emails before I realized I would need them. Please be patient with me as I sort it out. I’m aiming for Saturday to post but it depends on the follow-up the Happiness Engineers promised me tomorrow.

Wherever you are in the world right now, be a light. We all need kindness and grace to get through. Stay centered in your integrity. Uplift others and take care of yourselves.

And be sure to play the slots at the Cowsino, tomorrow! It’s a great writing game to play with the story spine concept. D. Avery is a good buckaroo and makes the Saloon a fun and engaging place. Let your characters come out and play.

Peace & Happiness!

Charli, a buckaroo in search of a stone or a story

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