Tonight, my home is warm with the aroma of curry and waiting blankets of joy. Mause and I welcome the cold weather for the opportunity to wrap up in fleecy snuggles. All I want to do is burrow. Waiting is hard.

There was no indication of how hard waiting for a grandbaby would be. After all, I experienced waiting for the arrival of my own three. I’ve waited for October 31 since we found out our surprise in April.

Halloween has come and gone, and no Boo.

My DIL is courageous and has strength. She went to the birthing center with my son early yesterday morning and has been there ever since. And no Boo, yet. The waiting yesterday nearly consumed me. Intellectually, I know the journey is hers, her child’s, my son’s, but waiting feels like getting run over by a driverless Tesla the size of a tank.

Argh! I crave news: I crave completion; I crave my grandchild here happy and well, born to healthy happy parents. Did I not understand the risks as a pregnant woman? I see risks everywhere in this waiting. I feel their exhaustion, worry it like a beach pebble in my pocket, and…wait.

As you can imagine, I’m not up to the task of telling you about my first module in DreamTending and Deep Imagination, yet. You’ll have to wait on the profound revelations Dreaming has for creative writing. So much to tell you. So much has been in transition this year, and right now, the portal is opening. If this were a movie, perhaps the music would change in quality, the camera pan out or zoom in, and then the scene would cut to the next. Voila — no waiting.

But tonight, I still wait. I’m going to curl up with Mause and a bowl of curry under a blanket of joy (I can’t wait to share blankets as a grandmum). Send Leah, Kyle, and Baby Boo good, welcoming, loving thoughts, intentions, and prayers. We are a Ranch community in waiting tonight.

November 7, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about waiting. Where does this waiting take place? Does it have a past or a future outcome? Who is waiting and why? Go where the prompt leads!

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Welcome, Regis Elle Hauck-Mills! Our precious granddaughter! We traveled to the Baraboo Hills of Wisconsin to meet you and we are so in love! Waiting to become grandparents wasn’t easy but worth the wait. You are so precious to us! A new journey begins.

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