Cosmic Egg Soup Collection

Written by Charli Mills

Charli Mills, a born buckaroo, makes literary art accessible at She writes about the veteran spouse experience and women forgotten to history.

February 29, 2024

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Not Privy to Inside Secrets by Reena Saxena

“Potential” is a double-edged word, holding promise as well as the possibility of disappointment.

I’m eager to meet God, but what if He is different from what I imagine Him to be? What if the cosmic egg soup flips flavors before I get a chance to savor it?

Do I await my turn for a fresh dose of creativity and a new canvas? I’d rather recreate the story many times than end it forever. It is the last refuge for people not privy to inside secrets.

I’d rather enjoy the egg before a chicken emerges to spoil the show.


Cosmic Connection by Kerry E.B. Black

The air swirled with glistening Van Gogh currents. Wayward winds whistled ancestral tunes and whispered words from half remembered daydreams, to which her heart beat perfect counterparts. A kaleidoscopic dance of stars shone overhead. Deep within her heart, in her soul’s secret center, she felt an abiding connection with the cosmos. She knew the way her very atoms aligned within the charted courses of heavenly bodies. She saw its glow, a great, golden egg of perfect probability impossibly positioned within each resident on the “big blue marble,” as she was taught to call her home, her planet, her earth.


Saturday Night at the BSide by Sue Spitulnik

The dinner hour show at our favorite bar is a single blues guitarist. Gordon picks, sings and adds his own harmonica. A few songs into the set, Rick joins him, adding a bongo or some raindrops. What a difference. The main event band leader comes in the door as we talk about him. To the stage Joe goes with his harmonica. A support. A comrade. The sound takes another step up and onward. Live music fills my soul and eases pain from negative emotional events. I’m in a cosmic bowl of soup that emanates life, dreams, reality, and friendships.


Temple Dwellers by D. Avery

Lying in the domed snow structure, Hope and her mom watched the sky darken through the vent hole. Now stars appeared overhead.

“We’re inside a cosmic egg.”

“We are, Mommy. We’ll grow and grow until we crack our way out.” Hope flapped her arms and peeped. “Didn’t I begin as an egg?”

“Yes. Inside me. You grew until you hatched.”

Hope giggled. “But how did I begin?”

They both gasped as a shooting star swept across the vent hole.

“Just like that, Hope. From stardust. Moonlight.”

“Snow sparkles!”

“Yes, snow sparkles too.”

“Stirred together like cosmic egg soup!”



Grandpa Tells Another Tall Tale by Margaret G. Hanna

Let me tell you, kiddos, them cosmologists got it all wrong. ‘Twern’t no singularity started the universe. ‘Twas a cosmic egg, ‘bout the size of them hens’ eggs. It was just a-sittin’ there in the middle of nuthin’, a-rockin’ and a-rollin’, then KA-BLOOEY!!! It blew up and flung yolk and white and shell all over the place. What them cosmologists call stars, they ain’t nothing more than bits o’ that egg all a-glitterin’ up there in the sky. And this old planet of ours, we’re just sittin’ in one giant bowl of – wait for it, kiddos – Cosmic Egg Soup.


Supernatural Banality by Geoff Le Pard

Little Tittweaking fought an annual battle with the Boundary Commission not to be added to the nearest constituency for the upcoming election. This regular ding-dong bored the mayor, Mick Turation who decided to put a permanent end to these discussions. He organised a ‘for-one-night-only’ geo-physical borborygmus and sulphurous miasma that did the job. Unfortunately when asked how he’d done it, he was misquoted as saying it was because of ‘Cosmic Egg Soup’ which triggered a flurry of sci-fi nerds seeking this embryo asteroid. The real reason, more prosaic, was ‘Cos Mick Ate Sue’s Pud’, his wife’s notoriously fissile frangipane.


Cosmic Egg Soup by D. Avery

“Sorry. You’re having lunch.”

“Quite alright.” The bespectacled old man handed her a white elliptical bowl like the one in front of him. “Here. Join me.”

“What an unusual bowl.”

“It’s an unusual soup.” Smiling, he tilted his bowl towards her. Steam spiraled above dark broth. Finely chopped vegetables and spices swirled like a galaxy around a boiled egg yolk bright as a harvest moon.

“Isn’t this what you came in for? Soup?”

“No… I was just.. looking.”

“Oh,” he frowned.

She stood on the sidewalk, disoriented. Overhead the weathered ‘What-You-Seek Boutique’ sign banged in the dust laden wind.


Intergalactic Ovum Gumbo by Bill Engleson

I imagine a horrendous hunger that’s new, unknown before, but somehow familiar, like pancakes and oysters, chicken wings and human intestines, all mashed up in a coagulation of comedic culinary collision, pausing on the road, the middle of a long highway, the vista that reaches so far into the future, that weaves in-between the peaks and, of course, the valleys, those dips we occasionally drift into, quicksand and slow sand, rubbing our eyes, our tongues licking our palate, seeking the taste of the familiar when the NEWNESS, that ever falling space junk swirling above us, is about to explode.


Celestial Activity by Simon

Celestial egg, Consuming it results in a genetic alteration in human, enabling to survive in the vacuum of space.
Traveling to various planets, establish colonies and thrive. Our kind flourishes throughout the galaxy.

Tony paused the video recording, taking a drag from his cigar. “If only these stories were real,” he muttered himself. From pocket, grabbing a handful of bullets to load into his shotgun. “Damn cosmic egg, causing all this chaos,” grumbles. The sound of a gunshot, as a figure fell to the ground. But wait, they weren’t dead – they already died -zombies!!!! from cosmic egg virus. Boom!


The Cosmic Egg by Charli Mills

We gathered around the hardened shell cleaved in half by a light year song. We knew the egg had existed, the center of the cosmos. The song arrived before we did, but the timing seemed deliberate. Someone in our Cosmic Secrets Foraging Society reminded the rest of us that time was, well, relevant. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The creator or creation? It depends upon a point of reference, a timeframe, a word constraint. What we did know was that a song came second, and it cut the egg in half. We began to sing softly.


A Cauldron of Boiled Future by Kate AKS

– You should be careful.
– Me? How dangerous it is?
– Too dangerous.
– What exactly?
– The cauldron of boiled future.
– Tell me. Why we are here? In the cosmos.
– It’s our mission.
– What is it?
– To become a space chicken.
– If we don’t manage.
– We will be a part of soup.
– Which soup?
– Where you will be a main tasty ingredient.
– How to avoid a cauldron?
– To find the answer.
– To what?
– What was first a hen or an egg?
– We are doomed.


The Case a Thet One Basket by D. Avery

“Where’d these eggs come from, Pal?”

“Jeez, Kid, ya really are a greenhorn. Came from hens!”

“I know eggs come from hens, Pal. Jist didn’t know we had hens at the ranch.”

“Free-range hens! Here they come now, a-scritchin an a-scratchin. There’s Stella. An Spacy; Venus; Astro; Cosmo; Comet…”

“Sound like cosmic hens, Pal.”

“Yep. Where d’ya think cosmic eggs come from?”

“It ain’t been a nebulous concept, Pal, but I still ain’t sure which comes first, chickens or eggs.”

“Ain’t gittin inta thet, Kid. Take thet basket a eggs inside, would ya?”

“Sure. Oops.”


“Soup. Eggs dropped.”


Thank you to all our writers who contributed to this week’s collection!

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  1. Colleen Chesebro

    Fabulous stories, everyone. Great creativity!

    • Charli Mills

      Top notch eggs who dared to express a weird prompt!

      • Colleen Chesebro

        Exactly, and they did it well! Once I get caught up, I’ll be back to writing again.

  2. sweeterthannothing

    Well done everyone! Great responses to the prompt.

    • Charli Mills

      Hard boiled! Thanks, Sweet!

  3. Jules

    Finally got around to cracking this batch of Cosmic Egg Soup supplied by our Ranchers!
    Wowza! Eggs ‘n’ Chickens ‘n’ Soup. Better to be in the cosmic side of it suppin’ than in the big caldrun!


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