In a flash!

Welcome to the great unknown, where we will explore the possibilities of what happens in a flash. What is happening and who is involved? Let the prompt tickle your synapses.

And, in a flash, she upended her website. It’s downright fugly. It won’t always be this way, but it is for now. Let me give you all an update: I successfully migrated my website, transferred my Domain DNS, and saved all/most/unknown of my content. Sounds so simple! But I assure you, the process is not. Why all the effort? Is it worth it?

I hope so!

One HUGE relief is that I can once again write in a flow that feels familiar. I’m not in Gutenberg, though I can use the block editor. I’m using Divi Builder which is a theme, website builder and plugin. I can do everything visually, more like a designer and less like a coder. The process of divorcing a WordPress website from WordPress hosting was painful, but not as painful as overpaying for features in the Divi Builder at WordPress. By opting for a Divi Builder hosting platform (SiteGround), I can build unlimited websites, landing pages, directories, digital magazines, and even social media platforms for the same price to host a single website through WP.

Yeah, it’ll be worth the move.

I won’t cry on your shoulder about how distressing this process is to me because there are elements of freedom and imagination in the undoing/redoing that opens me up to play. I get to set up visions I’ve held in check. Implement design options and features that will be worth this season of fugliness. The learning curve is manageable, and I do my best as a caregiver. Back in my hay-day (I know it’s “hey” but, this is a ranch) I’d be staying up all hours and living in front of my computer. With my veteran and two dogs, that’s less a reality.

If you know anything about me, you know I bounce back and I promise, this site will be a Cinderella story.

Let’s ignore the rough edges as pages and posts undergo construction. Let’s play! Where were we? Oh, yes, we have a new Collection coming out on Thursday (for those who submitted via email, thank you for your patience). Challenges resume today. For ten years writers have used a 99-word constraint to tell stories, craft verse, share BOTS, shape dialog, and create literary art. Our constraint is considered flash fiction (anything less than a thousand words). So, let’s flash!

April 2, 2024, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that happens in a flash. A flash of inspiration? A flash flood? Who shows up in a flash? Who is impacted for a lifetime from a single flash incident? Go where the prompt leads!

  1. Submit by April 8, 2024. Please use the form below if you want to be published in the weekly collection. The Collection publishes on the Thursday following the next Challenge. Stories must be 99 words. Rules & Guidelines.
  2. Writers retain all copyrights to any stories published at Carrot Ranch.
  3. A website or social media presence is not required to submit. A blog or social media link will be included in the title of any story submitted with one.
  4. Please include your byline with your title on one line. Example: Little Calves by Charli Mills. Your byline can be different from your name.
  5. Please include the hashtag #99WordStories when sharing either the Challenge or Collection posts on social media.

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