World Tour

Vol. 1 Rough Writer Tour Around the World visits a different Rough Writer each Monday in a different country. The literary community at Carrot Ranch is an international one. Join us each week and travel (virtually) across the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Poland and Australia. Learn about each writer in their own home (blog) and how flash fiction is a part of their writing mix.

Tour Stops:

Geoff Le Pard (UK)     Anne Goodwin (UK)     Ann Edall-Robson (CA)     Sacha Black (UK)     Luccia Gray (SP)    Sherri Matthews (UK)     Norah Colvin (AU)     Irene Waters (AU)      Susan Zutautas (CA)     JulesPaige (US)      Lisa Reiter (UK)      Urszula Humienik (PO)      Ruchira Khanna (US)      Charli Mills (US)

2017 Tour Schedule: