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  1. HI Charli, Happy New Year! How are you? I want to say thank you for liking my short piece, “She’s Waiting”. I am only just catching up with things now after working pretty hard over Christmas and New Year. I’ve actually heard of Carrot Ranch recently via writing websites, and I have it written down as somewhere to send some of my work. I’ll have a look through your website and see about submitting some work. Thank you for your encouraging like. Hope you enjoy the start to the new year -x-

    • Charli Mills says:

      Hi Catherine! Happy New Year to you, too! Good to see you at the Ranch and that it’s come up on your radar. That’s a great story you wrote. Writers gather here weekly to jam (like musicians). That’s the spirit of the weekly 99-word flash fiction challenges. The Rough Writers are the regulars and our Friends are writers who join us. Right now, the responses are manageable enough that I include everyone in a weekly compilation. I just launched an e-newsletter that features three flash fiction responses from the previous week to push out to new readers. We are now working on an anthology based on our previous material, but including new sections, too. In the future, once the anthology series is firmly established, we’ll branch out to include other submission. We are also sponsoring contests that will both pay winning submissions and fund charitable causes. Be sure to check out the Contests link under Events. Hope you find this a welcoming literary community, a place to share your writing and maybe even discuss process and prompts! This will be a great year! 🙂

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