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Curricula Vitae


Charli Mills has been an avid history buff since the time she discovered the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was curious to learn the stories behind the wagon at the ranch near her home and listened intently to the stories of Old-timers. Then she read Ian Fleming in 7th-grade and it awakened the urge to write fiction. After high school she wrote for several local newspapers and trained horses. While she never realized her dream to be a rodeo bull-rider, she did eventually go to college and studied creative writing. That led to a career in sales and marketing which led her back to writing fiction. Now her greatest passion is to publish western historical novels about women. Maybe one will be a British spy or a bull rider. She looks for stories in old cemeteries.

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Graduated May, 1998 from Carroll College, Helena, MT

  • Bachelor of Arts English—Writing, Graduated Magna cum Laude
  • Areas of Concentration: Creative Writing, Medieval Literature
  • Minor: TESOL
  • Writing Internship: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Co-Editor: Colours Literary Magazine
  • Honors Thesis: “A Thread of Incest: Analyzing the Text and Character Roles in Troilus and Criseyde”

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  • Awarded Silver Star from Literary Titans 2018
  • Earned 5-Star Rating from Readers’ Favorite 2018
  • Published The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1 2017
  • Hosted BinderCon Live Missoula 2016
  • Launched Wrangling Words at Sandpoint Library 2015
  • Awarded LA BinderCon Scholarship 2015
  • Accomplished National Novel Writing Month 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Earned Master Cooperative Communicators Designation 2010, 2012
  • Awarded CCA National Contest 1st Place Best PowerPoint Presentation 2011
  • Developed missions-based programs that earned the Dakota County Public Health Award 2011
  • Awarded CCA National Contest 1st Place Best Member Newsletter2009, 2010, 2011
  • Awarded CCA National Contest 1st Place Best Use of Photographs on a Website 2009
  • Part of Senior Management Team awarded Howard Bower Award for Best Co-op in the Nation 2009
  • CCA National Contest 3rd Place Best Entertaining Feature 2008
  • 3rd Place Best Entertaining Feature 2008

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Carrot Ranch Literary Community 2014 – Present
Carrot Ranch Communications Blog 2012 – 2014
Elmira Pond Spotter Blog 2013 – 2016
Bayfield County Chronicles 2012

U.P. Reader #5: “Called to the Edge of Gitchigammi” and “Wreck of the S.S. Kirby” May 2020

Keweenaw Now: Experiencing People of the Heart Water Walk November 2019

BadRedhead Media: This is Why Credibility Forges a Strong Brand May 2019

BadRedhead Media: How to Win at the Game of Book Marketing   August 2018

NaNoWriMo: A Recipe for Writing a Novel 99 Words at a Time August 2018

#BookMarketingChat @BadRedheadMedia: Author Marketing Strategies July 2018

BadRedhead Media: How To Strategically Build A Brand Experience May 2018

Interview at ABC News for 1 Million Cups presentation on Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Interview at Literary Titans Congress of the Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1

The Relationship Blogger: What United Airlines Can Teach Us About Maintaining Relationships April 2017

The Relationship Blogger: Are Women Capable of Working with Men Without Having Sex With Them? April 2017

Open Thought Vortex Magazine: “A Literary Revolution to Feed the Imagination” December 2016

Open Thought Vortex Magazine: “Cultural Reflections: A Journey Back in Time” September 2016

Open Thought Vortex Magazine: “Broken Knees, Homelessness & a Voice: A Veteran Spouse Sings Like a Caged Bird” August 2016

Sandpoint Magazine Summer Issue: “Dog Town,” “Fifty Years of Rotary,” and “ICF.” Author bio and pic (with dog Bobo) on Page 8.

The Diction Aerie: “An American Idyll: the Pack River Chronicles — first of ‘The Rio Trios’

Go Idaho Contributing Author 2016 (Issues 2-17)

Midlife Collage: “Charli Mills, Country and Western Singer” 2014

ehow: “How to Become an Army Ranger
Published 7 web content stories on the topics of business & social science. 2014

Houston Chronicle: “Brand Strategy & Integrated Marketing Communication” 2014

AZ Central Business: “How to Write a Great Succession Plan for Retail Management
Published 15 web content stories on the topic of business; 10 on travel. 2013

AZ Central Business: “Time Management Exercises for Sales Reps” 2013

Houston Chroncle “How to Prepare a Professional Annual Report” 2013

Houston Chronicle “How Much Should a Small Business Spend on Adwords
Published 22 web content stories on the topics of business and careers. 2013

Global Post: “How to Adjust to a New Boss”
Published 8 web content stories on the topic of business. 2013

The Nest Pets: “What Does Byproducts in Dog Food Mean”
Published 5 web content stories on the topic of dogs. 2013

The Nest Woman: “Things to Say in an Interview for Women’s Empowerment”
Published 9 web content stories on the topic of careers. 2013

USA Today Travel: “The Agate Festival in Moose Lake, Minnesota
Published 4 web content stories on the topic of travel. 2013

SF Gate: “Historic Heirloom Plants
Published 6 web content stories on the topic of gardening. 2013

Pawnation: “The Importance of Horses on a Cattle Drive
Published 6 web content stories on the topic of ranching. 2013

Livestrong: “Hiking in Fallon, Nevada”
Published 3 web content stories on the topic of camping. 2013

Edible Twin Cities Cookbook: “Chocolate Zucchini Cake, pg. 35”
All the Camp Recipes online are from my 2008 article. 2013

Cooperative Grocer: “Telling Stories” 2010

The Brand Readiness Kit: “Logo Evolution at Valley Natural Foods” 2010

Edible Twin Cities: “Cranes, Cranberries and Survival” 2008
Edible Twin Cities: “Season Extension” 2008
Edible Twin Cities: “The Camp Kitchen” 2008
Edible Twin Cities: “Not Your Daddy’s Beer” 2008
Edible Twin Cities: “Renewal on Amador Hill” 2007
Edible Twin Cities: “Chocolate: Never Out of Season” 2007
Edible Twin Cities: “Are Cafeterias Making the Grade?” 2007
Edible Twin Cities: “Midtown Global Market” 2006
Edible Twin Cities: “Is Minnesota the Next Sonoma Valley?” 2006
Edible Twin Cities: “Progressive Millers” 2006
Edible Twin Cities: “Wild Country Maple” 2006

How to Go to College on a Shoe String: Case Profile, pg. 247-252 2008

Twin Cities, Naturally: “Gluten-Free Summer Salads” & “GF Bars for Fall” 2008

Stressfree Living: wrote a monthly lifestyle column for four years. 2004-2008

Cooperative Grocer: “Valley Natural Foods Relocates” 2001

The Mix – a Minneapolis Food Magazine: wrote 5 articles 2003 – 2009

This Is Living Naturally
Write editorial column, edit and craft social media copy. 50+ articles. 2001 – 2017

Gaming Products & Services: Advertorials 1999

Cherokee Daily Times: Obituaries 1998

Montana Outdoors: “Looking Within to Become a Woman Outdoors” 1998

Colours Literary Magazine: “Between a Father and a Son” 1998

The Montana Catholic: “Festival on the Lawn Leads to Insights into Youth Ministry” 1997

Colours Literary Magazine: “Calvin Lives!” 1997

Wrote community columns, press releases and a short story serial in local newspapers: Fernley Leader, Record Currier, The Prospector, Alpine Enterprise, Tiger Express 1984 – 1998

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Rising Tide, Hancock, MI
Presenter – “Creating Efficient Systems & Workflow”
Developed presentation, handouts, led group discussion. 2018

Summer Youth Program, Michiga Tech, Houghton, MI
Presenter – “Telling Stories: Successful Marketing Communications”
Developed presentation and led group writing activities. 2018

Fort Wilkins State Park, Copper Harbor, MI
Presenter – “Copper Country History”
Developed presentation, read original stories based on history, led group writing. 2018

Vet Center, Houghton, MI
Presenter – “The Hero’s Journey”
Developed presentation, handouts and led discussion. 2018

International Author Development Event, Missoula, MT
Organizer – “BinderCon Live: Missoula”
Developed local program, collaborated localy & internationally, led event. 2016

East Bonner County Library, Sandpoint, ID
Presenter – “Wrangling Words”
Developed monthly presentation, led group writing activities. 2018

North Country Foundation Traveling Workshop, St. Paul, MN
Presenter – “Fundamentals of Marketing”
Developed presentation, group activities, handouts and led workshop. 2012

Cooperative Communicators Institute, Tucson, AZ
Presenter – “Escape From a Desert Aisle”
Developed and led general session presentation. 2012

NCGA Central Corridor Brand Audit for Seward Co-op, Minneapolis, MN
Auditor – Compiled & presented results of audit to management team
Part of a national team selected to audit marketing & competition. 2011

Cooperative Communicators Institute, Minneapolis, MN
Presenter – “Food for Thought”
Developed and participated in a panel presentation. 2010

Consumer Co-op Management Association Conference, IU Bloomington
Presenter – “Telling a Compelling Story”
Developed and led general session presentation. 2010

National Cooperative Grocers Association Marketing Matters, NYC
Presenter – “Creating Efficiencies: How to Make a Brand Implementation Practical”
Developed and led general session presentation. 2010

Midwest Value Added Ag Conference, Rochester, MN
Presenter – “Down in the Valley Brand: A Healthy Local Partnership”
Developed & presented the marketing for a value added label. 2009

National Cooperative Business Association, live webinar
Presenter – “Food Cooperatives 101”
Developed the food sector portion of the webinar and presented online. 2009

Will Steger Foundation Institute on Climate Change Education, MN
Presenter – “Introducing Local Food to the Classroom”
Developed presentation and materials for teachers. Led general session. 2008

NCGA Marketing Matters, Austin, TX
Presenter – “Developing a Brand Action Plan”
Developed and led general session presentation. 2007

Mom Camp at the Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN
Presenter – “Moms Make Healthy Choices”
Developed and led general session presentation. 2006

Valley Natural Foods Management Team, Burnsville, MN
Presenter – “Branding 101”
Developed a presentation that would be the foundation for orientation. 2005

Dakota County Education Walk of Women, Apple Valley, MN
Presenter – “Organic Session”
Developed and led general session presentation. 2004

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Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association (2018-)
She Writes 2015
Cooperative Communicators Association (CCA) 2007 – 2013
Delta Epsilon Sigma National Scholastic Honor Society 1997
Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society 1997

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Recommendations and references upon request.

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