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Christina Rose

Christina Rose fell in love with the written word at a very early age. Her childhood largely comprised of scribbling stories and plays for her family and voraciously reading anything she could get her hands on. That passion for reading and writing later developed into a college degree in English Literature and a career in business and technical writing. In addition to writing for and maintaining her eclectic blog, Christina is currently working on two novels: one a contemporary piece detailing the troubled relationship between a mother and daughter, the second a contemporary/historic fiction set in the Deep South. Christina lives in Oregon with her family and is an avid backpacker and lover of the great outdoors, changing seasons and rain, and is a wine, coffee, and tea enthusiast. She spends every free minute enjoying the splendor of the Pacific Northwest and savoring all things literary.

Twitter: @thewordyrose


Blogging at: The Wordy Rose

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