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Ellen Mulholland

Ellen MEllen Plotkin Mulholland grew up in San Bernardino, California. After earning her degree in Journalism and English Literature at the University of Southern California, she moved to London. There she wrote her first novel, bagged beans, stood in the snow for a bus, and watched the trees change colors in fall. Today she teaches academic strategies to struggling adolescents while marveling in the exploits of her own kids. She is the author of This Girl Climbs Trees, a first person narrative following one teen’s quest for life’s answers, and Birds on a Wire, a coming out of age tale. She is nearly finished with her third YA that focuses on a young girl’s obsessions and her fight to find her place in this world.E_M_Birds on a WireE_M_This Girl Climbs Trees



Twitter: @thisgirlclimbs

Blogging at: This Girl Climbs Trees

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