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Jeanne Lombardo

JeanneJeanne Belisle Lombardo is a writer, ghostwriter and editor living in Phoenix Arizona. Co-author with her husband, Tom Lombardo, of the philosophical memoir, Mind Flight: A Journey into the Future, she quit her day job as an academic program director in 2013 to write full time. She is the credited ghostwriter of Backbone: A Journey from Refugee to Neurosurgeon, the anecdotal memoir of renowned spinal neurosurgeon Volker K. H. Sonntag. (Pulled back from publication in December 2014 for a go-over by a professional editor/agent, publication is expected in 2015.) Her blog, Memoir Crafter, documented the process of writing a memoir for hire. Undergoing changes now to a more personal vehicle, the blog will be integrated into a new WordPress website once Jeanne gets up the gumption to tackle that project. Current writing projects include a much-reworked memoir trying to find its focus and research on an alternative history (with a little steampunk thrown in) set in nineteenth-century Japan. Jeanne holds a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies, a MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities, and has been fascinated with place, language and culture all her life. She also edits all her brainy husband’s books and writings at the Center for Future Consciousness.Mind-Flight-Front-Final-Cover

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About Mind Flight

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Blogging at: Jeanne Belisle Lombardo

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