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Kate Spencer

kate-spencer-2017Kate Spencer left  the corporate world behind a few years ago and now enjoys working from her home office.  This move allowed her life’s rhythm to slow down to that of a meandering river through the thickets of forest with ease and grace.   She now has time to explore a new hobby – writing.  To date, her body of work includes her blog posts and a small book of short stories about her father’s life, published in 2015 exclusively for the family.   She is grateful to Charli and all the writers at Carrot Ranch who have spurred her into trying her hand at flash fiction.

Kate lives on an island where something is blooming all year round.  So when she’s not working or writing, you’ll find her practicing yoga, playing golf and visiting with friends.  In the end, life for her is about simple pleasures, the people around her and the community she lives in.

Twitter: @EloquentlyKate


Blogging at:  ‘Eloquently Kate’

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