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Lisa Reiter

Lisa Reiter struggles to be contained in a 150 word bio and despite wondering why they’re written in the third person, has decided to conform on this occasion. She’s a thinker and a writer who believes deep conversations are the only way to live. Changeable or adaptable, (some would say easily bored) her views of a situation or herself swirl in a crucible of thoughts. She flashes at the Ranch to keep sane whilst writing memoir. It’s 15 years since she heard she had 6 months to live the rest of her life and she’s still working out how to do that. Survival is a messy torturous affair, urgent and never over.  But she isn’t complaining.
With the help of cats and a few people, strange routines and affirmations, she will write for the rest of her time. She’s a weird one and doesn’t mind you knowing it. There are no veneers and you too are welcome to come as you are.

Twitter: @Lisa_Reiter

Blogging at: Sharing the Story

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