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NorahNorah Colvin:

Education is my life and passion, and has been for almost as long as I remember.

I made the decision to be a teacher when I was ten years old and in grade 5. Unfortunately, I can’t remember why, and the possible reason continues to elude and baffle me. You see, I never really enjoyed school – not the way some people do. But then, I didn’t really hate it either; the way some people do.

I like to think it’s because I wanted to make the schooling experience for others better than it was for me. Or maybe it was my love of language and reading that I wanted to share. Perhaps it was a way to recapture a lost sense of curiosity and wonder. Whatever the reason, from the inception of my resolve, I worked towards that goal, and really I have never stopped striving to be the best educator I could.

My path has taken me in many directions, both in and out of formal schooling situations, and in different roles as teacher, student and writer. I have spent a great deal of my adult life reading and thinking about education and how children (and other humans) learn.

Most of my working life has been as a teacher of year one, my favourite year level. I love being able to share in the children’s excitement of their learning. I love their exuberance and honesty, and wonder of the world. I love their games and books, stories and interests. Sometimes I think I am still a 6-year old, but the body tells me ‘no’.

I love reading fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s picture books, especially when sharing them with children. I enjoy reading about ideas, philosophy and ethics: finding out what others think helps me clarify, extend, or sometimes question, my own thinking. A little challenge now and again never hurt anyone!

I love using information and communication technologies and am looking forward to this next adventure in learning and sharing, and in discovering where the path leads.

Norah Colvin





Twitter: @NorahColvin

Blogging at: Norah Colvin

Rough Writers - Web Comp

Carrot Ranch Congress of Rough Writers

The internet was abuzz with the news that day
A challenge was about to be thrown your way.
It was from the Carrot Ranch the shout was sent
Charli was erecting a writer’s tent.

Charli said, “Writers, pick up your pens
Write me a story in 9 words and 9 tens.”
Now I’d never before done a fiction flash
But I thought I might as well give it a bash.

I took to the challenge like a duck to water
And tried every one like a good girl oughta.
It wasn’t my primary goal you know
I’d write education with fiction in tow.

I was a teacher first and writer second
But I jumped at the fictional chance when beckoned.
With the posse of writers gathered round
A wonderful online community I’ve found.

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