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Norah Colvin is an educational writer, an educator, and a writer. She is passionate about education and driven to write in almost equal measure. She writes for the joy of combining both passions in one pleasure.  Responding to flash fiction prompts at the Carrot Ranch provides an opportunity to hone her fictional writing skills in a supportive community while sharing her thoughts about education and learning. Exposition and fiction: the twin joys of reading and writing.


Norah has contributed to numerous educational publications over the years. She currently shares teaching ideas and resources for early childhood educators on her website readilearn.

readilearn @NorahColvin @readilearnBlog:

Twitter: @NorahColvin and @readilearn

FB: Norah Colvin and @readilearnteachingresources



Rough Writers - Web Comp

Carrot Ranch Congress of Rough Writers

by Norah Colvin

The internet was abuzz with the news that day
A challenge was about to be thrown your way.
It was from the Carrot Ranch the shout was sent
Charli was erecting a writer’s tent.

Charli said, “Writers, pick up your pens
Write me a story in 9 words and 9 tens.”
Now I’d never before done a fiction flash
But I thought I might as well give it a bash.

I took to the challenge like a duck to water
And tried every one like a good girl oughta.
It wasn’t my primary goal you know
I’d write education with fiction in tow.

I was a teacher first and writer second
But I jumped at the fictional chance when beckoned.
With the posse of writers gathered round
A wonderful online community I’ve found.



  1. Wow, Norah. That poem says it all. Ballad of Carrot Ranch with your special approach.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Marsha says:

    What a cute poem, Norah! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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