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Pat Cummings

Pat CPat Cummings:

System 6 published Pat Cumming’s The Social Calendar 2015-2016: A 16-Month Golden Choice of Quotations with Meme Creation Tips on Amazon, a 15-month compilation of illustrated daily quotes.

Pat graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Geological Engineering (focused on mining geology). and has been married to a mining engineer (also a CSM graduate) for 45+ years now.

Pat has 10 younger brothers and sisters, all married or paired with significant others. Could fill a small concert hall with nieces and nephews and their children.

Lived and/or worked in: UK (just outside of London); Republic of South Africa; 42 of the US states; three provinces of Canada; Germany and Switzerland. Have been underground in mines on three continents.


Twitter: @DrPat_Reads

Blogging at: DrPat Reads

Updates on Works in Progress

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