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Roger Shipp

Roger ShippRoger Shipp: Having been a middle school teacher for decades, Roger has enjoyed numerous opportunities to lead his students into the enchanted worlds of the classics and present day best-sellers. Combining the arts of self-selective reading and creative writing, allows each of his students the chance to craft their own imaginative ‘worlds’ on paper. This has always been a primary purpose and passion in his classroom.

Upon the discovery of flash fiction, writing in the classroom has taken on an entirely new hunger and urgency. (To be able to explore all the fervor of a short story in around 300 words, to practice self-expression and creativity in such a small compact way, has freed the more timid writer’s in his classes to tell a complete story and challenged his more proficient writer’s to write more succinctly.)

When not at his day job, a practitioner of creative writing and explorer of literature, Roger is honing his writing skills though participation in numerous on-line flash fiction communities. His flash fiction stories are usually crafted for the use in his classroom instruction. He is currently in the soul-searching stages of creating a historical-fiction series set in the surrounding valleys of Virginia.

When not writing, Roger can be found in the outdoors: up-to-his-elbows in his backyard edible garden, hiking backwoods trails, or exploring ancestral archaeological sites. As an avid fan of baseball, basketball, and tennis, he might also be relaxed and with ‘munchies’ in front of the idiot box mesmerized by a competitive game.

Blogging at: Roger Shipp

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