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Sacha Black

Sacha BlackSacha Black was always meant to be a writer. But she got busy growing up and temporarily forgot her dream. Thankfully after a few glasses of rosé and a short sharp slap, she took to blogging and wrote her way into remembering. Sacha is a mother to a rapidly growing toddler, wife to a wonderful woman and currently, a public sector bureaucrat. She is busily writing her first novel, Keepers, which will be part of the Fallon Trilogy. A fantasy series for young and new adults. But, she also writes short stories, flash fiction and when she’s brave enough, poetry. When Sacha isn’t working full time, being a mum, studying for a writing course or actually writing her novel, she can usually be found working as a part time nail technician.

Bloggers Bash 2016Sacha is also the founder of Bloggers Bash, the premier London event of the year where bloggers come to life from behind their pages and socialize in real time. Even if you can’t be there, follow the event on Twitter at #BloggersBash. The 2016 event will be held June 11.

You can find Sacha blogging about the trials, tribulations and process of writing on her website. You can follow her Writespiration page for weekly inspiration to write something new.

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Twitter: @sacha_black

Blogging at: Sacha Black

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