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Tally Pendragon

TallyTally Pendragon: 

Me? I’m a Medieval Archaeologist and Historian who writes novels. When I discuss what in particular I like to study, most people glaze over long before I get to specifics, so I don’t usually get a chance to continue. And they never get to hear that, in spite of my hard won credentials and continued research, since I collapsed of exhaustion while working as a Medieval Archaeologist at Prague Castle, I haven’t actually been working in the field for almost two decades now. I’ve taught courses in Anglo-Saxon Studies for Cambridge University’s Madingley College since then, but I don’t do that now either, as the condition that developed from the collapse eventually put paid to that as well. Archaeology’s loss is hopefully the reading public’s gain, since I now have the time to devote to providing them with books written about it instead of doing it.T_P_Worlds Without End

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  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I moves to Somerset from BSE almoet three years ago, good to spot a friendly bio. 😇

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