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To Cultivate a Book


Meet local writers and dreamers who are making space for a creative life!

Do you have a dream to write a book? This is the time and place to have tea with your dream. Squeeze a lime, pour some San Pelligrino Water in a glass, and gather with a group of others called to write and declare a book.

This is a retreat where your seed of an idea is planted, nourished, and encouraged to grow. Practice creative courage and share the words you have written, the plans you are devising to bring a book into the world.

Like soil, water, and sun, every book requires a writer to nurture its growth: creation, platform, and publication. Many writers tackle each set of tasks in a linear fashion. But to grow a garden we understand we need to combine the efforts of sun, soil, and water. Same with writing a book. Learn to develop a personal strategy that feels actionable and joyful to work. All attendees will get space to share, reflect, and the tools to make progress.

This retreat is also about hygge, about finding a comfortable place to access when the work of writing gets frustrating. And it will. Art, like life, is a tug and pull between distractions and emotions. It takes perseverance to push through. We must weed before we harvest. We need to honor the feeling of getting cozy with a book when it is our own book.

Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” And that is what your book is. It’s a story you need to tell. This retreat will create a safe space of hygge for you to start telling it. To craft and draft. To strategically plan for platforms and publication. You will have a guide at this retreat, the next, and for what time it takes to grow your book from seed to harvest.

2021 DATES ANNOUNCED IN MAY. Open to all dreamers, writers, and authors who have books in their heads or manuscripts in process. Three retreats a year are open to previous attendees and new exploring book writers. A vegan lunch is provided, and Cynthia Drake of Openings Life Coaching will host in her beautiful home and retreat center below Ripley Falls.

Bring a notebook or laptop, a five-minute reading from your idea, notes, or manuscript, and prepare to give space to your book.

AGENDA TBA from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

10:00-12:00 Partner updates and shared readings from works in progress
Noon-1:00 Lunch discussion: serendipity
1:00-3:00 Constructing Storyboards (and putting them to use with variations)
3:00-4:00 Platform Bricks (collecting the right ones for your author platform)

Every writer who attends gets a follow-up consultation on their personalized Author Action Plan. If this is your first retreat, we’ll work together to create your AAC. Returning writers will get advice on what next and how. If the weather is pleasant and you are so inclined, we can hike to Ripley Falls after the retreat.

Bring your computer or journal, a print out of up to 8 pages to read, and any writing implements (unless you like colored pens). Storyboard construction materials provided. Updates to your Book Toolkit provided (or starter toolkit if this is your first book cultivation retreat).

$79 payable at or bring check or cash to retreat.


An expert in brand management, Charli draws upon 20 years of marketing for publications and cooperative businesses. She understands the strategies required to fulfill the individual visions authors have for their books. To Cultivate a Book combines personal and professional development for authors. Open to all dreamers, writers, and authors who have books in their heads or manuscripts in process. Published authors can benefit, too. Come to one or all book cultivation retreats.

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