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Vision Planting

Held online January 2, 2021, from 1-3 pm EST (US).

Digital version available for download after the workshop.

Are you ready to plant a vision for your writing in 2021?

Vision planting is the deliberate use of imaginative soil to plant answers to the question, what does life as a successful writer look like?

In this two-hour online course, Charli Mills will lead writers to find or fine-tune their North Stars. She will explain the techniques successful businesses use to harness the power of visioning. It’s a vital component of transforming wishes into action.

The process is fun and creative!

Attendees will establish a vision for their writing, a North Star, set goals, and receive useful planning tools and guidance to create a vision board for 2021 (and for any works in progress).

In addition, all attendees of the live course can follow up at no cost to receive feedback on any plans or strategies writers develop to implement their vision.

Writers who attend will need to bring a computer or journal, handouts (emailed in advance), and any writing implements. Vision board construction materials are described in a handout and attendees of the live course will see what Charli’s boards look like in various formats. Attendees are invited to share photos of their boards when constructed.

$79 payable at in advance (refunds available with 48-hour advance notice due to limited space).

Those unable to attend can purchase a digital copy of the course without the live or follow-up features.

$29 payable at and available after the live course. 

RSVP or ask questions at

Charli Mills blends her 20+ years in marketing with a lifetime of creative writing to innovate a visioning system to plant the seeds for success. She has guided organizations, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the visioning process since 2001. Currently, she is two terms away from completing her MFA. She plans to build an education program at Carrot Ranch, training trainers on how to teach with a focus on meeting writers where they are at to help them go the direction of their North Stars.

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