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Carrot Ranch is a literary community online. Yet it has a physical outreach component, too. It’s all about meeting a mission to make literary art more accessible. Why? Read more about the Value of Literary Art.

Wrangling Words is a free community outreach program to bring literary art to an underserved area. Developed by Charli Mills, the program teaches any level of writer from novice to advanced how to use the literary form of flash fiction (99 words, no more, no less) as a writing tool. Learn to write like the myth of Hemingway! Learn to create stories, scenes an novels 99 words at a time.

Five at the Mic is a reading event to share and celebrate the short-forms of poetry, flash fiction, and story-telling. Each participant either reads five poems, five 99-word flash fictions, or five minutes of telling a true or tall tales. It’s a collaboration between local oral creatives. It’s also a chance for the public to read or hear their favorite works by others (full credit is given before each reading). It’s a great way for writers to incubate works in progress, get audience feedback and learn to love the mic (not fear it).

A Veteran’s Journey is based on the pattern of narrative known as the Hero’s Journey. Using the story-telling pattern, this program looks at how a veteran answers a call to serve and how the final mission is to return to the community with something of value to share. It’s meant to be offered privately to veterans and their families. A story-telling component is included to teach  flash fiction as a way to express the veteran and veteran family experience.

Book Club Support is a way to introduce readers to the fun of writing. Even the most shy will enjoy the process of tackling 99 words and all will be surprised at the results. The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1 will serve as the book under discussion.

Writing Group Support is offered to established groups. The topics range from using flash fiction as a writing tool to anything that will help the group develop. It’s intended for groups that live in areas where access to literary art and professional development for writers is limited.

#CarrotRanchRocks is a play on words — yes, the Ranch rocks! The hashtag corresponds to a new page on Facebook where literary art meets geology. Lead Bucharoo, Charli Mills, combines her passion for words and rocks by collecting Lake Superior rocks, scientifically cataloging ones to publicly share with a story. Like the popular rock art hashtags, #CarrotRanchRocks will be left in random places for public distribution. Those who find the rocks can learn what it is, read a flash fiction, sign in and pass it along.

The Traveling Literary Show is a community package designed to fit the needs of a community who wants access to literary art. One component includes a host for the Lead Buckaroo to stay with, a venue to set up a paid workshop or retreat, and other venues for any of the free outreach programs. The idea of the Show is to get readers and writers and lurkers working together in a community to create its own literary art revival.

If you are interested in any of these programs for your community, contact Charli Mills.


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