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Where Literary Art Meets Geology

Every rock has a story. After all, when you’ve crushed the geological time scale more than a million years, you likely have much to say. To hold a rock in your hand is to open a book of the earth. Who knows who held this rock before you.

#CarrotRanchRocks on Facebook connects geology with the online literary community of Carrot Ranch, where writers craft a literary art form known as flash fiction (99 words, no more, no less). Each rock becomes a prompt for the imagination.

The community’s Lead Buckaroo, Charli Mills, lives on Lake Superior’s Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan where she collects rocks and stories. Thus the #CarrotRanchRocks movement was born of her passion for rock hunting, story-telling, and history.

Writers from the Carrot Ranch Literary Community live around the globe — across the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Poland, Spain, Germany, and Australia. They compose stories about the rocks and include real details, such as where and when it was found, and what its general identification is. (Note: Charli is a professional writer, not a geologist with a lab.)

The hashtag #CarrotRanchRocks provides public space to share rocks with their assumed identities, imagined lives, and recorded serial numbers. This sharing supports the mission of Carrot Ranch to make literary art accessible and to encourage interest in earth science. We connect through art and curiosity.
Together, we can make the world a better place.

Rock on, read, and write!

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If you are a youth leader, teacher, or parent (or grandparent) and are interested in receiving a kit of rocks from the Keweenaw, identity key, and guidelines for writing flash fiction email Charli Mills at Kits are $25-$50 (including postage), and we can try to set you up with a sponsor.
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