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Carrot Ranch is guided by a mission to make literary art more accessible. More people writing; more people reading. The pursuit of literary art improves our skills of critical analysis, expression, creativity and collaboration.

These are skills we all need, writers or not. It’s how we can understand and experience the world.

In addition to a weekly flash fiction prompt, the Ranch also offers resources, subscriptions, and links to support writers on a path to publish.

Charli Mills, Lead Buckaroo, offers a Community Literary Art Package based on past endeavors to connect rural artists, teach craft skills, guide good platform building, and play with words in public. Some of the programs are free. This package is a traveling show and can be developed to fit the needs of any community. Preference given to communities lacking access to literary art development.

Wrangling Words


Retreat to Isle Royale

Greater Community

  • Bloggers Bash and Chat
  • Bad Redhead Media Marketing Chat
  • Story Dam
  • Roger Shipp’s FF Prompt
  • Reena Saxena FF Prompt
  • Colleen Chesebro Poetry Prompt
  • Other FF prompts
  • FB Groups
  • #LinkYourLife
  • Twitter Hashtags
  • Patreon
  • Strengthsfinder
  • Available skills and services


Ann Rauvola  is a multimedia graphic designer who also excels at creating digital art. Ann is a polished professional with a global reach, providing design for firms such as, Honeywell, Ameriprise and Roche. She designed the brand for Carrot Ranch and The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1 cover. When not working, you’ll find Ann in the agility arena with her two dogs, Gabe and Pelle, or harvesting wild mushrooms near her northern Minnesota lake-house. She’s true-blue friend of buckaroos. View her work at Behance or connect with her on Google+.


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