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Rancher Badges

Rancher Badges reward community interaction and empower individual writers. You set and track your own goals. Once a quarter (June 1, September 1, December 1, March 1) turn in your request for badges to to display on a digital board.  Or grab a jpeg for your own use toward setting, tracking and achieving your goals as a writer.

You decide what your goals are. The Rancher Badges reward you for achieving them.


Participation Badges show your involvement in the weekly flash fiction challenges.

A Quarterly Star rewards your accumulative flash fiction over three months. You set the goal: once a quarter, once a month; once a week. The idea is to meet your expectations and not that of others. Be your own star! Optional: request a number to show off a perfect weekly attendance for the quarter.

An Ambassador Badge rewards your engagement with other Ranchers. If someone is new, welcome them to the Ranch. If someone has been gone a spell, welcome them back. Leave appreciative comments (say what you liked about a flash). Point out good craft. Visit other blogs. How often? How many handshakes? Those are your goals to set.


Writing Badges support your personal writing goals.

As an Author, you can set word count goals or meet submission deadlines. As a Blogger, you can set post goals or blog participation goals. As a Poet, you can set goals to write a certain number of poems or master a new style.

The Prolific Badge rewards the writing habit you most want to cultivate — a number of pages per day, more fiction than non-fiction, word count, number of flash fictions, number of different blogging challenges. If it feels prolific to you, then it is.

Runs With Scissors acknowledges the risks you take to write. It’s a badge of courage. How were you brave in your writing? What goals do you have to submit or tackle a tough topic? This badge pushes you to take a writing risk.


Extracurricular Badges encourage you to accept other challenges at the Ranch beyond flash fiction.

Times Past rewards participation in Irene Waters’s monthly writing challenge based on memory and demographics. She guest writes at Carrot Ranch every second Friday to teach memoir craft.

Raw Lit rewards participation in Carrot Ranch’s guest series Raw Literature. The personal essay explores why or how a writer writes. Guest essays posts on Tuesdays.

TwitterFlash rewards participation in C. Jai Ferry’s monthly Twitter challenge. She guest writes at Carrot Ranch every first Friday to teach Twitter best practices for literary artists.

Love Our Troops rewards any literary support of soldiers, troops or veterans. Carrot Ranch includes veterans in literary outreach programs and recognizes writers who help or honor those who served.

#CarrotRanchRocks rewards participation in a literary-arts-meets-geology project. Writers from Carrot Ranch craft 99-word stories about the rocks marked with a hashtag and unique serial number.


Community Badges recognize the attributes of writers among writers.

A Friends Badge recognizes social traits. A Lurker Badge lets other know you are shy. A Courage Badge recognizes the guts it takes to try your first flash fiction challenge, or reach out to others in the community.

Sharing is Caring Badge recognizes that you are a blogger who shares. Teachers Badge appreciates the writers who share vocabulary, techniques or display a growth mindset.


Just for Fun Badges recognize the playful spirit of writers at Carrot Ranch.

Love bacon? Love carrots? Show your preference (and both counts).

The Creativity Badge rewards any goal you set to push your imagination and problem-solving skills.

Unicorns. Carrot Ranch. Eventually, you’ll come to understand. In the meantime, if you dare to write a unicorn story, here’s your badge.

Punny Budge appreciates the clever whit and puns writers often use in comments, posts and flash.


Administrative Badges identify community leaders.

The Congress of Rough Writers is the core group of this literary community. A small advisory team who leads the annual Rodeo form the leadership behind the scenes. Those who participated in Vol. 1 contributed to the book earning 5 stars from Readers’ Favorite. They can claim these badges.

How to earn Rancher Badges:

  1. Select badges to match your writing aspirations and your participation at Carrot Ranch.
  2. Set your goals to further your writer’s journey.
  3. Keep track of your goals.
  4. Once a quarter (June 1, September 1, December 1, March 1) submit your request for badges.
  5. Within two weeks you will receive a board (or two) with your badges to display at will.

OPTIONAL: you can save a badge for your personal use at any time. Badges display best at thumbnail size.

These are examples of the Badge Boards (one has a date and the additional one does not):

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