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Keep the Creative Fire Burning!

Carrot Ranch Literary Community provides a safe space for writers to practice, polish and share their creative writing 99 words at a time. It’s a place where writers can incubate ideas for longer works or different projects.

A safe place for literary art practices appreciative inquiry to build upon a writer’s strengths. Read more about Literary Art.

Carrot Ranch provides free literary outreach to veteran centers, libraries and rural communities that do not have access to literary arts programs. Wrangling Words can be offered by any Rough Writer, thus spreading the outreach.

As the Ranch and outreach grow, so do the administrative costs. The goals for the collaborative anthologies and Flash Fiction Rodeo collections include sustainability, a travel fund for Rough Writers and future profit sharing.

Patronage is one way for the Ranch to grow its infrastructure and work toward meeting its publication goals.


Monthly patronage includes Patron Only Updates and Name or Memorial on the Patron Wall.

PayPal: Support Carrot Ranch Literary Community with a monthly donation of your choice. Patronage supports projects at Carrot Ranch, development of community education, and helps to increase writer and reader access to literary art. Rural and veteran communities are a priority.

The Art of Flash Fiction Bookmark

Share your love of making literary art 99 words at a time with this handsome bookmark that explains the versatilty of flash fiction. Buy one, buy a dozen. Price includes shipping.


Signed Copy of Vol. 1

Receive a signed copy of "The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1." Price includes postage.


Hire a Writer to Catch Your Story

Looking for a unique and personal gift this year? Hire Charli Mills to write your story (true, fictionalized, Christmas letter, or family genealogy). $50/page (450 words). Let a professional writer catch and craft your story!


Prompt the Buckaroo Flash Fiction Gift Set

For the literary aficionado in your life (might be you!), this set includes a signed copy of “The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1,” a #CarrotRanchRocks story and stone, and a chance to prompt the prompter. Email your prompt to You can be as specific or vague as you want and will receive an original 99-word story. Postage included.


Angel Patron of Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Does the fire for literary art burn within you? Are you inspired by the community of writers at Carrot Ranch? Love what you read or what you write here? Support the ongoing effort to create safe space for local and global writers of all levels, backgrounds, and genres. Carrot Ranch Literary Community is led by a single buckaroo with passion for storytelling and the literary art forms that begin with 99-words. When you support the Ranch, you support the cost of technology and marketing to publish weekly prompts, annual contests, and anthologies. You also support local efforts and travel to make literary art accessible through free library programs, veteran outreach, and community-based events. As a Patron of Carrot Ranch, you will help grow needed infrastructure or sponsor travel to your own community where Lead Buckaroo, Charli Mills will host free literary outreach to make this world a better place 99-words at a time.


Grub Stake by D. Avery

“Hey, Pal. Aussie was wonderin’ how to git the stakes up for the ranch.”

“That’s right, Kid.”

“Hey, Pal, what if we had like a contest, where you pay to play. But no judging. Anyone that wrangles is a winner.”

“And if you just come by to read you can pay too?”

“Yeah, I reckon’ anyone could pay. Unless they can’t. Or already did.”

“They probably already did.”

“Did you ante up?”

“I gave some.”

“Some is good, Pal.”

“Kid, my name ain’t Pal.”

“I know.”

“So stop calling me Pal. Or else.”

“What? You’ll make me pay, Pal?”



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