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Extended Deadline

May 17 Flash Fiction Challenge Extended until May 29.

I’m behind the scenes blowing up pages. Often it can feel like the writing does indeed explode, and revision is all about gathering the pieces and creating something tighter, more concise and clear. Art is half throwing paint at the canvas, and half shaping the colors, lines, and textures.

But this is no art project. I’m working on my GDPR compliance, something I lamented in Cake and Cookies. As much as I’d like to skirt the issue with my 99-words, legal counsel offers a different perspective. As a place intended to make literary art accessible, I want to be as transparent as the EU ruling expects all companies to be.

My issue is that I don’t have a legal team, nor do I have web developers explaining code and cookies. Nor I can’t sit on the sidelines eating cake, counting on the EU to not care about an imaginary ranch where carrots and bacon coincide with 99-word stories from around the world. It’s taken me this long to even understand what I’m required to do. Because I collect information and sell books, subscriptions, services, and patronage around the globe, I must be compliant.

Following a fabulous Friday-through-Monday birthday blow-out, and a looming GDPR deadline (5/25) I’m extending last week’s challenge deadline. Property Values collection will publish May 30, and you now have until May 29 to submit.

Submit your response, using the form HERE.

If you already submitted and are wondering what you can do, here are some ideas:

  1. Go back to the May 17 post and read and interact with the stories and comments you might not have had time to engage.
  2. Go to Rancher Badges and start listing the badges you want to submit for June 1 to
  3. Take the TUFF Challenge with your current WIP, or a new story idea you are thinking about: