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Monday Wisdom…

Tips for Writers…or, It’s Labor Day and I’m Taking Holiday. Not really, I’m writing like mad and #MondayBlogging to the max. Not a bad way to spend the day honoring writers who labor, too. I’m enjoying the posts on “Why I Write.” Such insights are not easily explained, but of course, writers are up to the explaining.

Here’s a few you might like to read:


Robin Flanigan

Sarah Brentyn

Miranda Wilcox

Ellen Mulholland

Ruchira Khanna

If you are not aware of #MondayBlogs on Twitter you can read “What Is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate?” from badredhead media. It’s a great way to follow your favorite bloggers and meet new ones.

Today I wrote my real-life wolf (poop) encounter over at Elmira Pond, posting horse photos because the horses are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. It’s always unsettling when life imitates art. Not so long ago we were discussing wolves as a metaphor for those dark thoughts that can chase down a writer. Writing isn’t easy. Neither is walking through wolf poop and there must be some sort of metaphor in that!

So I decided that today I’d focus on inspiration from the Why I Like to Write essays. In honor of Labor Day, I salute all the hard-working men and women who craft words into meaning, contributing to the well-being of our world. I tip my pencil to you!

Why I Like to Write #1