Finding the Balance—Healing through Creativity

Written by explorereikiworld

May 19, 2020

Over the years, negativity and fear have adversely affected our relationships, environment, and health. That has resulted in violent crimes, global warming, financial crisis, and planetary shifts. We all have seen the transformation happening in our pace of life. The result is an imbalance in our energy, and that has lead to a poor connection with our fellow humans.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

We always wonder about the above question, don’t we? 

This question has been around for ages, and the answer is still unknown.

The question we always pose is: How can we balance our lives amidst the chaos prevalent inside and outside us? 

Balance word is not just a noun, but also a word that can throw us off a see-saw if we do not hold our grip. It’s like a tightrope walker walking on a line. It’s intricate, so the walker uses a balancing pole in her hands while walking on that rope.

The same holds for all of us. We want a balanced life. Be happy. Be content with the success and the bounties. But are we truly there?

Most of us spend our lives looking for answers; some pretend they got the answer, while a handful of us look for signs from the Universe.

I feel balance comes when we are present in our lives. And one can only be present when we are internally aligned.

The internal alignment comes first, and then the balance is experienced externally.

All of humanity is in search for that balance.

Balance is not only intricate within us, but also plays a vital role in our environment. It is a universal search, and it stretches around us and is within us at a cellular level. Our body’s hormones function courtesy the balance. We see many examples daily, such as when the seed sprouts. It is due to the balance in the conditions of water and oxygen that comes into play. The balance between the air pressure and the feathers and firm muscles make the birds fly. The balance of our constellation that allows our planet to spin and continue to make it our home.

Now that we realize that balance is critical for any living being.

This balance about a human comes from being mindful of his/her emotions. That energy that you exhale out is potent. It comes through your spoken or written words, and just your physical presence.

We can choose to pollute our environment and bring chaos by the choice of our words, or we could filter them and expel only to balance our surroundings and make it beautiful.

In this column, I will explore how we individuals who love to write can fertilize our thoughts mindfully, and deliver our work with love. We can use protection on our thoughts and conceive them intently. This can help create that balance within us so that we can continue to heal the world around us via our words of positivity and wisdom.

There is a Native American parable about a grandfather who says; I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, angry one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one.” When asked which wolf will win the fight in his heart, the old man replies, “The one I feed.”

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  1. Norah

    Lovely, thoughtful post, Ruchira. Balance is definitely important, and never more so than now. I really appreciate the wisdom behind the parable you shared. We need to be mindful of what we feed for what we feed shall grow.

    • explorereikiworld

      Well said, Norah. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. beth

    creativity is balm for the heart and soul

  3. Jules

    For too long there was too much negativity in my life. I was able to turn that around. Now I believe I look at things with more positiveness. When I create, when I write I try to stay away from negativity. While this isn’t always possible – I can honestly say I can understand well the Native American parable.

    Thank you for highlighting balance. Stay safe and healthy; everyone!

    • explorereikiworld

      I am thrilled to see how you turned your life around, Jules. Wishing you peace n love.

      • Jules

        ~~{@ (…a rose for you, thank you.)

  4. Alka

    Nice article, Ruchira! Balance is pivotal for happy and contended life.

  5. Charli Mills

    Thank you for striking the right balance to bring the healing aspect of writing to our lives, Ruchira! When it’s hard to find that balance, I write the “moment.” What does the sky look like? Are the birds tantalizing me? I look around and realize that I’m okay in the moment even if circumstances are not. And that starts to pull my thinking back around. Also, writing the moment is a really good craft exercise to capture sensory details!

    • explorereikiworld

      That’s wonderful, Charli. By penning down that moment, you have made sure to preserve it.
      When things go berserk for me; I choose to close my eyes and ask for guidance from the Universe.

      • Charli Mills

        The Unicorn Room is for meditation, too. Just looking into the room, I feel peace and the urge to create.

      • explorereikiworld

        Absolutely love your Unicorn room 🙂

  6. noelleg44

    What a fabulous parable! Goes to the ‘heart’ of the matter – sorry about the pun.

  7. H.R.R. Gorman

    Looking forward to more about life balance!

    As far as my thoughts on the chicken and egg question – i.e. whether or not change of pace or frustration begot each other – I think frustration had to be first. Without frustrations, we’d not invent to cause new problems.

    But of course I’m a fan of new inventions, haha.

    • explorereikiworld

      I hear ya H.R.R.Gorman.

      Had there be no frustrations…balance would be inevitable.
      But then frustrations come when the mind is wandering…that’s when the intellect has to come into existence once it is aware of the restless mind. But then sometimes the Intellect sees an object and the mind reminds it of some memory…things could go berserk.
      The mind and Intellect such fine objects of our consciousness, and we spend our entire life trying to balance it to avoid the frustrations and the joy.

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